Cliffside Restaurant Offers Dining Experience With Breathtaking Views of The Valley Below


A breathtaking view is the perfect complement to a cocktail, and the studio Tall Arquitectos has designed an entire restaurant around this idea. They’ve proposed a locale called Copper Canyon Cocktail Bar, which would sit cliff-side and overlook the Basaseachic Falls of Mexico. Precariously placed, it would certainly provide a stunning look at the surrounding landscape.

The plans for the Copper Canyon comprise two levels, with the first floor featuring a bar and dining area. Tables are positioned near and around the perimeter to ensure unforgettable views during the meal. In addition, part of its flooring is glass, which allows guests to see valley below.

Once the meal is done, patrons can retreat to the upstairs observation deck. This space is more relaxed and features tables, chairs, and a pool. Food, drinks, and swimming—all in gorgeous open air—sounds like a fantastic way to spend a vacation or special afternoon.