Cleansing The Body of Parasites

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The Human Body is host to over 130 different types of parasites. Infections can range from mild, hardly noticeable to serious. You may ask, what really is a parasite?

It is a simple celled animal that lives on or in another organism or body of another species from which it gets sustenance and protection without benefiting the host and usually doing harm. Experts estimate about 50 million Americans, plus, are infected with worms and or protozoans; all are types of parasites. Up to 50% of the United States water supply is contaminated with a parasite called Giardia Lamblia, a protozoan. Giardia is not killed by chlorination and causes over 2 million cases of infection every year as reported by the CDC.

You may say “Are you crazy; how can I have a parasite?, I keep clean, I am healthy”…but that would not stop the possibility of picking up a parasite. Where do parasites come from?  Many people have pets, they love them, kiss them and sleep with them. Perhaps you eat raw or smoked fish, we do love our Sushi.  Yes, you can get parasites from dogs, cats, horses, water, gardens, toilets, contaminated food handlers at restaurants or grocery stores, etc. In many countries it’s a part of common daily life!

I am sure you take your dog or cat for its checkup and shots, cattleman,  kennels and horse farms all have annual programs for deworming and parasite blood tests. In some countries children are checked yearly for infections. Here in the USA this threat of parasites is almost totally ignored. Our allopathic testing methods are antiquated and other problems generally are just treated by trying to resolve the symptoms, only! At one time, only very strong chemicals were able to kill  parasites but it also poisoned you, even if you lived through it!

Now, natural medicine has solutions. We have herbs that parasites hate, but are safe for humans. Parasites are not designed to kill you, but they steal your nutrition and cause organ malfunction causing many symptoms of disease. Many everyday symptoms like chronic fatigue, headaches, constipation, gas, bloating, premature aging and anemia could mean a parasite infection. Nationwide research by the CDC reveals that over the last 25 years one in six people have had one or more parasites.

One recommendation to cure parasites is the Apple Diet. This is an easy one week plan that can help get you started and is also a way to detoxify your body.

Be prepared for a cleansing period during the first four days of the week. Here are some tips to start. Eat as many organic apples and apple juice as you want to fill you up and drink plenty of water to help your body wash away toxins and parasites. On the third and fourth day, start taking garlic capsules (since parasites hate them). Then, drink some Papaya juice or eat the fruit. Also, drink several cups of Senna herbal tea and/or peppermint herbal tea. To keep moving the parasites out of the system, eat Pumpkin seeds with one tablespoon of olive oil or castor oil.

Follow through to finish the last 3 days of that week by eating a lot of garlic and onions with a whole grain like rice, quinoa and a daily green salad. Remember to drink a lot of water! It is important to your organs to flush out all the parasites and their toxins, if not expelled you will feel sick, achy and feverish! Remember to avoid all dairy, junk foods and especially sweets which feed those parasites.

A few other herbs or teas that are optional are cayenne in capsules, fennel or basil tea, oregano oil extract or capsules, olive leaf or milk thistle extract can also help to detoxify the liver. Other more popular remedies for parasite cleansing are black walnut hulls, wormwood and cloves. This helps the liver to release the buildup of toxins from parasites and other chemicals.  All of the toxins come from all your other organs have to go through your liver first before being evacuated from the intestines.

If you feel you still have not released all toxins or are feeling bloated, I recommend aloe leaf or a Homeopathic Ipecac. To relax bowels, drink slippery elm tea and take magnesium to flush it out! Grapefruit Seed is also good but it is very strong, you only need a little!

After you get rid of all these toxins I recommend you boost your immune system with vitamin B complex, Echinacea extract, a good probiotic and a Mushroom Immune complex to re-establish your intestinal health. Add foods back to your diet slowly and keep a healthy eating plan.

You won’t believe how good you will feel when all these infections are out of your system, like a new person!