Cleanse Kidneys of Toxins, Diabetes, Asthma and Cholesterol With Okra Water

Okra is a flowering plant from the mallow family that is also known as gumbo or lady’s fingers. The plant is valued for its edible green pods that have numerous health benefits.

The pods are used as a thickening agent in soups and stews, but they also have great nutritional value thanks to the abundance of vitamins and minerals. Besides this, okra is a great natural remedy that can treat anything from diabetes to kidney disease.

Okra can be consumed fried, boiled, stewed, roasted or pickled – no matter the form, you will certainly benefit from it. However, before using it, you need to know how to open the pods. Here’s what you need to do: pierce the pods from both sides with a knife, then put them in a mason jar and cover them with water. Leave them to soak overnight, then squeeze them in the water to extract all the excess sap and drink the mixture.

Okra is rich in fiber as well as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can improve your health in different ways. The pods are great for improving your circulation and lowering cholesterol, but they can also reduce the risk of several types of cancer. They can also boost your energy levels and treat depression, while treating lung inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome and soothing sore throat. As you can see, the vegetable has numerous health benefits which is why you need to add it to your diet starting today.