Choosing Which Type of Rav Vast Pan Drum Is Right For You

Misterious F Pygmy or alerting D Major? No these are not some secret codes from James Bond films, but ones of the many fabulous steel drums that you can find while searching a pan drum by RAV Vast. Many there are, so how can you choose one? Let us take you by hand and lead with the yellow brick road to the Emerald city of handpan drums.

Once there was a handpan

This handpan has a deeper sound and this one is cheaper, which one to choose? But wait wait. Before we start let’s make a checkpoint, are we staying on a same page? Handpan is a common name for many music instruments. To not get confused with the matter, let’s make it clear. Once upon a time there was a Hang – the first handpan created by two musicians from Switzerland. As the instrument get instantly on demand, musicians and artisans all over the world started experimenting to get a unique handpan sounding. The adherent of the first Hang are called as handpans. However, so many shapes and variations appeared throughout the recent years, that the original term became vade including steel drums, tank drums and tongue drums. What is called handpan today usually refers to a solid steel drum that has a shape of 2 joint inverted hemispheres with deep acoustic sound. The principle of a sound-producing is based on a tension of the drum surface. When a musician strikes the dimples, a rich melodious, velvety sound is produced.

What differs Pan drums from other tanks drums is the quality of sound, of course, and the size. Handpan are big instruments, usually around 30 cm height and 60 cm in diameter. In the hierarchy of steel drums, handpan is like a king. He rules with its voluminous sound and a solid shape. They are also preferred by the musicians who practiced for a period of time or have already mastered playing handpan.

Which RAV pan do I need?

Any instrument begins with a great sound. Whether you are a professional artist or just at the beginning of this way, you’d like to have a high-quality instrument with outstanding sound features.

What criteria should you consider when choosing RAV pan drum? First of all, let’s decide on the purpose of your purchase, your skills and your musical goals. Are you gonna perform as a solo artists? Or you will perform in festivals, concerts and events with a variety of other instruments? What music style refers more to you? Are you gonna play handpan to record electronic music or play for a laid-back chill out?

When choosing a RAV pan drum, you also should consider your mastery level? Have you started playing just recently or you are a handpan guru. RAV has various drums to satisfy all your needs. All the drums are available for sale on the website

Get spoilt for choice

RAV Pan D Celtic Minor

Are you only starting to master handpan? Then RAV Pan Celtic D is a perfect candidate to become your first handpan. The tuning is clear, simple, yet attractive and will work perfectly to practice your music skills. The mood sound is peaceful and calming. Minor tuning will provide great options for using the drum to meditate or accompany a yoga class.

RAV Pan B Celtic Minor

Bass sound lovers, rejoice! The ding of B Celtic Minor has a B2 tune. The drum provides a deep sound that seem to come from the ocean bottom. The drum works great both for meditations as well as a background for other instruments.

RAV Pan D Major

Do you tend to jam with other musicians? Then this drum is right what you need. Designed for professional musicians who often perform together, this drum with a tricky combination of notes will be great to play on festivals due to its cheerful tuning.

RAV Pan F Pygmy

Low. Mysterious. Deep. This RAV Pan is definitely a pearl of the whole collection. Designed for advanced players. The drum has 10+1 note and provide many possibilities in chord changes and moving triads around. As the bottom notes are harder to reach, the drum is accompanied with 2 PAN Keys. The drum provides a really deep sound with a great amount of sympathetic resonances, so you will feel like your whole body is vibrating while playing. It also has a woodier sound resulting to create some kind of a cozy effect.

Have you already decided which one to choose? If not, just turn on the sound of each drum, close you eyes, and let your spiritual feeling decide it for you!

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