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Oodles of noodles in China have been branded ‘stinky feet food’ after it was discovered that staff at the factory where they are made routinely walk over them before they are packaged up for sale.

Covert snaps of the sloppy conditions inside a factory in Dongguan City in southern China has turned the stomach of diners across the country who bought the particular brand of smelly noodles.

The video shows how staff walked over nearly three tons of the stuff before shovelling it into giant sacks for bagging and distribution. The same plant was involved in a similar hygiene scandal last year and promised to upgrade its cleanliness – clearly without success.

Not only are workers seen traipsing backwards and forwards across noodles strewn across the floor – they are even seen sleeping on the soft bed of noodles between shifts.

“Itís shocking and hard to believe these pictures,” was one of the comments underneath the images when they were posted up online.

“Let us call it stinky feet rice noodles forever,” said another, while a third commented: “It is disgusting to think we have eaten so much rice noodle before from this company. We will never eat them again!”

Dongguan Food and Drug Administration said the guilty plant is the Tongcheng Rice Noodle Factory. The pictures on the internet were taken before the Chinese Spring Festival and now officials have shut it down while stringent health checks are carried out.

The operators face heavy fines and possible prison sentences for contravening basic codes of hygiene.

A spokesman for the Food and Drug Administration said: “Undercover photographs taken in the rice products factory show plain clothes employees kicking around piles of noodles on the floor with their bare feet, trampling over them as they walk about and even laying down to take their afternoon naps before packaging them up and shipping them to stores.

“We will not tolerate such breaches of the health and hygiene laws.”



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