Chinese People Beleive This Is The Door To Heaven

Many of us have often pondered if there is a Heaven, some firmly believe there is, and others doubt that such a place exist. The argument is if Heaven does exist where is it located? Well, in China the citizens believe they have the answer as to where Heaven is or at least a gateway to it.

There is no denying that one of the reasons tourist go to China is due to it’s historical and spiritual influence. This is a culture that goes back 5000 years and has much breathtaking natural scenery reflecting the ancient times. One such place that tourist and even citizens of China seem to flock to is Tianmen Mountain or as it is translated in English “Heaven’s Door Mountain.” There is a reason for this mountain’s name for thousands of years the residents of China have believed that the mountain actually has a door leading to Heaven which is an archway that was naturally created in the center of the mountain itself. But this is just one of the reasons why Tianmen Mountain attracts so many tourists from around the world.

This mountain like many of the other ancient mountains surrounding China’s great landscape also provides its visitors with breathtaking views. Knowing how much of attraction the mountain has become China has taken great measures to ensure that not only the amazing archway can be seen but so can the views. For example, here is the cable-way system that will take individuals up to the mountain and give them a great view during the ride. One an individual is up on the mountain there is the area known as the Coiling Dragon Cliff Skywalk which is a glass walkway that gives tourist even more of an opportunity to explore the scenery more closely.

But the question remains is the actually the door to Heaven, and has anyone ever gone through the archway to find out? Well, the second question first, it’s possible to get close enough to the archway to try to peak in. As far as going in, not that easy, seems as if there is no clear path to do so.

Also, this is considered a sacred spot by those living in China, no doubt there are rules about doing so. As for this actually being a gateway, does it really matter. When it comes to believing it’s what we feel in our hearts that matters. To the people of China, this is their door to Heaven, and they wish to share it with the world, isn’t that really what matters the most. Perhaps it comes down to a quote by one of China’s great philosophers Confucius: “The wise take pleasure in rivers and lakes, the virtuous in mountains.”