Chinese Monk Breaks Stick With Neck

While flexing your biceps might be the traditional way to showcase toughness, a monk in China shows off another body part – his neck, which he uses to break sticks. The impressive – and presumably painful – feat amazed spectators at a martial arts festival.

Over 100 monks and 200 martial arts masters showed off their skills at the event, but one incredible performance left the audience astonished. A monk from Southern Shaolin Monastery in Dengfeng demonstrated his ‘Iron Skill’ talents by shattering a wooden stick while using only his neck.

Originating in South Shaolin, traditional ‘Iron Skill’ training also includes more familiar techniques such as breaking stones with the forehead and wooden planks with a fist.

The festival (November 8-11) was jointly organized by the Buddhist Association of Putian and the China Putian South Shaolin Temple.