Chinese Man Grows Breasts From Hormonal Imbalance Due To Excessive Fried Chicken Intake

Who doesn’t love fried chicken? Almost everybody craves for the said dish, whether home-made or bought from fast food. Aside from being high on protein and a natural anti-depressant, chicken is one of the best tasting food out there. But what could happen if you eat too much?

26-year-old Li Chen now feels embarrassed to go out, as his breasts are now large enough that it could do a support bra. Apparently, the college graduate loves to east fried chicken wings and drumsticks. He never thought he would get this in return!


Chicken reared for slaughter are often given hormones to speed up their growth. The sheer amount Li was eating meant his body was ingesting far too many hormones – causing his breast growth.
Doctors are now advising him to avoid fast food and too much junk—and rather have a larger intake of vegetables and fruits.