Chinese Immigrant Sold Hot Dogs Made With Real Dog Meat

 Xi Ping Chow, a 57-year-old Chinese immigrant, has been arrested by the NYPD this week after authorities were informed that the man was making his own hot dogs with the meat of stray dogs in the area.

NYC food inspectors were anonymously tipped on Chow’s operation which possibly involved recuperating dead dogs in dumpsters of the Animal Care Centers all over the city report officials.

Sixteen other family members are also under investigation as they were currently volunteering in nine different Animal Care Centers in the New York City area and suburbs have confirmed authorities.

Chow’s lawyer, Justin Wang, told reporters that he was currently not aware of any concrete evidence that his client, who has been charged with animal cruelty, had sold dog meat but that if he had, it was only a cultural misunderstanding, he argued.

Chow’s wife, Hu-Wen Zhao, believes the owner of the hot dog stand on the other side of the street has conspired against her husband to shut down his business.

“He always jealous because my husband’s hot dogs taste better, people always come buy Chow Chow hot dogs,” explained his wife to reporters in tears.

Killing dogs and cats for meat is still legal in 44 U.S. states but in the state of New York it is expressly prohibited for “any person to slaughter or butcher domesticated dogs or domesticated cats to create food, meat or meat products for human or animal consumption.”

Xi Ping Chow immigrated to the United States in 1996 and has had a hot dog stand license in the Brooklyn area for the past 18 years. Some experts estimate he could have sold over a million of his hot dogs to date.