Chemtrails? Now There’s “Aquatrails” Chemtrails of The Ocean

The phenomenon of chemtrails has been around for a while in the alternative research community and, predictably, it’s one of those topics that the lamestream likes to denounce as “conspiracy theory” and having no evidence. In fact, I myself was skeptical about the whole chemtrails thing until two incidents changed my mind.

The first incident at least opened me to the possibility that someone is manipulating the environment on a massive scale, and perhaps by technologies that are exotic in nature. This incident occurred when I was home visiting my mother some years ago. Stepping outside to smoke a bowl of pipe tobacco, I glanced up… and stopped, the match midway to the pipe bowl.

There in the sky were high cirrus-like clouds. But unlike normal cirrus clouds, these were laid out in the neatest, cross-hatched curving checkerboard pattern I’ve ever seen. There were no airplanes visible anywhere but the formation of clouds was distinctly eerie and unnatural.

The second incident was much more substantial. In 2014 I drove with two friends of mine from the high desert of southern California to the Secret Space program conference in San Mateo up in the San Francisco bay area. We left early in order to make most of the drive in the morning before it became too hot. As we drove down from the mountains into Bakersfield, a cloud covered almost the whole southern end of the San Joaquin Valley as far as we could see.

We thought it was simply early morning fog, though it did have a kind of grayish-brown color. As we drove into the cloud, however, it soon became clear it was not fog; there was an acrid-metallic odor. Eventually, we managed to drive through the cloud, only to see two or three (I don’t recall the exact number) of large jet aircraft criss-crossing the valley, spraying… something. We were also dumbfounded at the state of agriculture in the southern valley, for what I remembered of the valley from my childhood trips to California to visit my mother’s relatives was that the valley was a lush carpet of rich agriculture. Not any more… it was desolate, with but a few orchards still evident. Most of the rest was empty fields and collapsed irrigation canals. I had to wonder if what we had seen (and smelled!) had something to do with the almost complete absence of agriculture.

Whatever the answer to that speculation may be, I no longer doubted the existence of chemtrails, though it is not a topic I have devoted much time to here on this site. There are other researchers who have followed the story much more closely over the years.

But now you can add another phenomenon to the chemtrails mix, a phenomenon that apparently has been around since the 1990s, but which is just now getting some attention: “aquatrails.” After all, if one can “dose” airplane fuel, or even outright spray chemicals from airplanes, why not do the same from the bowels of ships crisscrossing the oceans?  Well, according to this article shared with me by quite a few of you this past week, this is indeed what is going on:

What’s interesting here is that the phenomenon has come to the attention of the Wyoming Institute of Technology, though nonetheless some scientismists want to dismiss the whole thing as yet another conspiracy theory:

An award-winning online community named THE WELL reported in the 1990’s that odd emissions had been spotted floating behind large vessels, which did not dissipate normally according to Kelvin wake patterns. Oceanographers at the Wyoming Institute of Technology have coined these dispersals “Aquatrails”. Other Scientists were quick to dismiss the reports citing the usual ‘conspiratorial’ cry similar to chemtrails.

Much of the article is consumed with various theories for geoengineering by particulate emissions from ships, focusing on the clouds that form from ships burning fuel, and does not really connect the phenomenon to chemtrails, other than to advocate that it needs to be brought to people’s attention, and made as big of an issue as chemtrails are.

Which leaves open the possibility for some high octane speculation. Let’s assume that the agenda or agendas behind aquatrails is the same as that or those behind chemtrails. The question then is, what could that be?

If, as some propose, there are a multitude of agendas behind chemtrails – from geoengineering to population control to enhancing the electrical conductivity of the atmosphere for whatever reason (mind control to Reagan’s “star wars” have been proposed in this connection), then it seems to me that it would stand to reason that it would be even moreimperative to institute a similar program based on ocean-faring ships, if for no other reason than that the oceans cover 2/3 of the planet’s surface, and thus, whatever effects one is hoping to engineer on a planetary basis, it simply won’t be effective if only those areas above land are effected.

In other words, the effect being aimed at – whatever it is – requires a more or less uniform distribution, barring local variations from weather systems and so on. And yet another possibility opens up here: what if the agenda or agendas is also to engineer the oceans themselves, by particulate matter that eventually falls into the oceans, rather like the cloud my friends and I experienced in the southern San Joaquin valley?

In any case, there’s a new phenomenon on the radar, and it’s worth watching, for it may afford yet another source of clues behind the mysterious chemtrails and their agenda.

This article (Chemtrails? Now There’s “Aquatrails”) was originally published on Giza Death Star and syndicated by The Event Chronicle