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Check These 15 Prehistoric Animals That Are Living Among Us

They were here when no human was present on earth. They lived with dinosaurs and survived every harsh condition that earth faced. Because of their strong internal mechanism and careful living techniques, these animals have survived which million of other species couldn’t.

1. Tadpole – Seventy Million Years Old or More


They have been living in this world for more than seventy million years. They are same as they were so many years before.

2. Lamprey – 360 Million Years Old


This jawless fish has no jaw but a sucker with great many teeth. Some of its species suck blood of other fishes. The oldest known fossil of lamprey is about 360 million years old.

3. Sturgeon – 200 Million Years Old


For these many years, Sturgeon had been living peacefully in our waters but now extreme pollution has led this species to the edge of extinction.

4. The Chinese giant salamander – 170 Million Years Old


This salamander is considered as the largest amphibian on Earth. It can reach to the size of six feet. It is a delicacy in China and its body part are used in traditional medicine.

5. Martialis Heureka Ant – 120 Million Years Old

In the Amazon rainforests of Brazil, these ants were discovered in the year 2000.

6. Goblin Shark – 120 Million Years Old


This species may look bizarre and dangerous but it is harmless to humans. It is considered as one of the oldest species living on Earth.

7. Echidna – Between 48 and 19 Million Years Old


This species is called as living fossil and it connects reptiles and mammals. One species of platypus and echidna are the members of the family called as monotremes – egg laying mammals.

8. Coelacanth – 170 Million Years Old


Before 1938, this species was considered extinct. This fish features characteristics of reptiles, mammals and lungfish; more than the common ray-finned fishes.

9. Giant Freshwater Stingray


Considered as one of the largest fish, this species has the weight of six hundred kilograms with size over two meters. Like other species in the list, this animal is also facing the threat of extinction.

10. Nautilus – 500 Million Years Old


This species has survived at least three mass extinctions. It is still at the edge of extinction.

11. Jellyfish – 700 Million Years Old


There are diverse species of jellyfish residing in the water today and they have been here from seven hundred million years.

12. Platypus


This living fossil is also a bridge between reptile and mammal; it is called as “the world’s strangest animal” and residing the earth for long.

13. Sponge


It is hard for the scientist to know how long sponge has been around. The oldest found fossil of the species is about 760 million years old.

14. Solenodon – 76 Million Years Old


With the characteristics of the earliest mammals, this venomous and nocturnal mammal has been residing the earth for around seventy six million years.

15. Crocodilians – Two Hundred and Fifty Million Years Old

This group of reptiles includes crocodiles, alligators, gharial and caimans. They have many characteristics of their earliest ancestors.

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