Check Out What Facebook Is Doing To Your Brain – It Will Shock You

Social media has become a gateway for socializing in the digital world. A way for people to catch up with old school chums or maybe old flames. It has also become detrimental for some.Social media is a place where some people collect friends, as one would collect coins or stamps. Each friend obtained is some weird testament to an individual’s social prowess. Loneliness seems to be the main motivation for people seeking out social media platforms.

An article by Time Magazine points out some of the ways our brains react to social media stimulus.

That little zing you get when someone “likes” your picture or sings your praises on Facebook? That’s the reward center in your brain getting a boost.

And that response can predict how much time and energy you put into the social media site, according to new research.

In one of the first studies to connect social media use and brain imaging data, scientists led by Dar Meshi, a postdoctoral researcher at the Freie Universität in Berlin, imaged the brains of 31 Facebook users while they viewed pictures of either themselves or others that were accompanied by positive captions. The research was published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.

“We found that we could predict the intensity of people’s Facebook use outside the scanner by looking at their brain’s response to positive social feedback inside the scanner,” says Meshi. Specifically, a region called the nucleus accumbens, which processes rewarding feelings about food, sex, money and social acceptance became more active in response to praise for oneself compared to praise of others. And that activation was associated with more time on the social media site.

The video below shows a connection between social media and being lonely. At 0:40 mark you may be shocked and your mind may be blown at the 3:40 mark.