CCTV Showing ‘Ghost’ Getting Into Taxi

Creepy footage of what appears to be a ghost getting into a taxi with a man has left netizens baffled and mildly frightened.

The footage, understood to have been recorded in Japan, shows a shadowy figure getting into a taxi after a man takes his seat.

The ghostly shadow, which appears to be a slightly hunched over woman with long black hair, can be seen apparently following the passenger through one of the rear car doors.

Some viewers have been left somewhat disturbed by the footage, while others have branded it a fake, saying the shadowy figure has been edited to look like a ghost.

Taxi drivers picking up so called “ghost passengers” has been a phenomenon in the Ishinomaki area of northeast Japan since the tsunami and earthquake hit the area in March of 2011.

It was reported earlier this year that at least seven taxi drivers have reported picking up a “phantom fare” since the devastating disaster that left over 19,000 dead.