CBD Figures and Facts: Health Benefits For Cannabis Consumers

The way the society looks upon cannabis and its major components called cannabinoids was either overwhelmingly positive or negative throughout history. There were no grey areas, as the topic of cannabis use seems rather polarizing for most people.

Technological Advancement to the Rescue

The empirical side of cannabis use and its benefits have been evident for a long time. Still, the social stigma around this plant always seemed to outweigh in any type of discussion. Lucky for us, in the era of severe technological advancements, scientific research succeeds in showing us the medical benefits of cannabis.

This eventually led to blurring the line between the terms ‘drug’ and ‘medicine,’ as the results of all the research show incredible benefits for people’s health.

For instance, in September 2019, researchers of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have managed to create and synthesize stable, acidic versions of CBD and THC, paving the way for pharmacologists everywhere to create new medicine for anxiety, psoriasis, and epilepsy.

The US Current Outlook on CBD Products As far as the United States is concerned, at the moment, 33 states have chosen to acknowledge cannabis’ medicinal use. After legalization, cannabis and cannabinoids became one of America’s most favored medicinal drugs. Recreational use is allowed in 11 states (Illinois has just joined the crowd).

Many people battling cancer and similar cruel illnesses regularly use CBD oils, tinctures, and other CBD-based products to decrease the vicious side-effects of chemotherapy and the very symptoms of the illness.

CBD a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Five years ago, eight out of ten doctors in the United States claimed that cannabis had various benefits for the human body. Consequently, the vast majority of medical researchers continue exploring ways CBD could help us treat different conditions. Any breakthrough in this field could lead to even more countries worldwide to reconsider its legal status.

Battling Addictions, Severe Symptoms, and Illnesses

CBD consumption is a tried and true method of making addicts drift away from their addictions.

In recent research, 40% of surveyed alcoholics chose to substitute booze with cannabis. Also, two-thirds of the prescription drug-abusing demographic who took part in the survey fully switched to the miraculous plant’s effects. Finally, those addicted to heroin went for cannabinoids with a 26% success rate.

The prescription drug addiction battle is much easier with cannabis since it is even more effective in stopping chronic pain, insomnia, stress, severe anxiety, and chronic depression.

The numbers speak for themselves. Namely, roughly 62% of those who own a license for the use of medicinal cannabis choose it for stopping chronic pain of any sort, while many others use it to stop the feeling of constant fear, fall asleep more easily, deal with post-work commuting stress, etc.

Curiously enough, more than 89% of people addicted to prescription drugs revealed reduced withdrawal symptoms and side-effects.

Bottom Line

Before trying these products, make sure they are legal in your country or state. Also, stay responsible and ask your doctor to check your health history and give you some advice regarding dosage, side-effects, and health benefits.


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