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These People Are Using Plastic Water Bottles To Cool Their Homes

The simple invention is the world’s first-ever ‘zero electricity’ air conditioner. Chances are that if you’re reading this, you’re one of the lucky individuals on this planet who has access to electricity and can harness tools, such as Air Conditioning (AC), to stay cool during hot, summer months. Not everyone is so fortunate, however, which […]

Amazing Photo Shows Likely Alien Planet 1,200 Light Years Away

A jaw-dropping new photo shows a probable alien planet orbiting a star that lies 1,200 light-years from Earth. The potential planet appears as a brownish dot to the left of the bright bluish-white star CVSO 30 in the newly released image, which was captured by the European Southern Observatory’s (ESO) Very Large Telescope in Chile. To appreciate […]

The Great Lakes Water Wars Have Begun After U.S. Officials Approve Drawing 30 Million...

A group of eight U.S. officials have voted to allow a Wisconsin-based region to begin drawing 30 million litres of water a day from lake Michigan for drinking water. A Canadian Mayor has spoken out on the recently-approved plan calling the recent decision “the end of the Great Lakes as we know them.“ Last year, […]

Supersize Iranian ‘Hulk’ Signs Up To Help Crush ISIS In Syria

Iran could be set to unleash a weapon of mass destruction on Islamic State fighters – in the form of 24-stone super soldier Sajad Gharibi. His monster physique has seen him compared to comic book hero, ‘The Hulk’. Gharibi can reportedly lift loads of up to 175kg (386lb) and in recent months amassed a huge […]

Kinder Cancer: ‘Possible Carcinogen’ Found in Beloved Chocolates

Tests carried out by a German watchdog revealed Kinder chocolate bars and two other brands tested positive for a hazardous cancer-causing substance. Foodwatch called for Ferrero’s Kinder Riegel, Lindt’s Fioretto Nougat Minis, and Sun Rice Classic Schokohappen by Rübezahl to be taken off the shelves on Monday after tests found “possible carcinogens.” The sweet treats […]

Teen Girl Infects 324 Men With HIV On Purpose

A Kenyan woman caused widespread public outrage after she posted information on Facebook saying how she intentionally infected men with HIV. The 19-year-old teenager, who is a student at Nakuru’s Kabarak University, has admitted to intentionally infecting 324 men to date. She posted her confession of the Kenya scandals Facebook page. She also confessed that […]

Dr. Robert Gallo: I Created AIDS To Deliberately Depopulate Humanity

Director of the Institute of Human Virology, Dr. Robert Gallo, co-discoverer of the AIDS virus, poses in the Medical Biotechnology Center in Baltimore in this May 24, 2001, file photo.  In April 1984, Dr. Robert Gallo filed a United States application for his invention, the HIV/AIDS Virus. Normally, when a patent is filed and approved, […]

Demand For “PAIN RAY” Weapons Grows Over Fears Of Civil Unrest

Demand for “pain ray” weapons used during riot control situations is growing as concerns over civil unrest continue to build. According to a new research study, the market for directed energy weapons is expected to grow at the highest rate during the forecast period thanks to for their use in “controlling riots and cross border […]

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II Not Real Heir To The Throne

   This below explains a lot.  So pay close attention to the geneology of this Queen.  Let me point out that Queen Victoria was married to Prince Albert who was an avowed gay man and would NOT perform his fatherly duties to sire a son or daughter, so the Queen had Rothschild perform the honors […]

The 8 Most Dangerous Medicines on Earth

“It’s time to take your medicine, honey.” “But Mom, it’s making me feel weird and horrible, and I’m not getting any better.” “Well, it’s what the doctor prescribed, so it’s what we have to do.” Have you ever been told to listen to your gut? There’s a reason for that. Actually, several reasons. Many “Western” […]

12 Normal Things Dirtier Than Your Toilet

One look at these 12 things dirtier than your toilet may ruin you forever. You may never be able to see the world in the same light again. From restaurant ice to your personal cell phone, just wait til you see just how dirty you really are. Maybe ignorance really is bliss… 1. 70% of […]

Buckingham Palace Admit Queen Elizabeth ‘Is Not Human’

An internal document acknowledging that Queen Elizabeth is a shapeshifting reptilian was briefly published as a press release on the Royal Family’s official website yesterday before being taken down – but not before alert internet users captured screenshots of the extraordinary article and proof that the press release appeared on Google. It is understood that […]

China Unveils Anti-Drone Laser Weapon Able To Shoot Down ‘Small Aircraft’ Within 5 Seconds

China has developed and successfully tested a highly accurate laser defense system against light drones. The homemade machine boasts a two-kilometer range and can down “various small aircraft” within five seconds of locating its target. Boasting high speed, great precision and low noise, the system is aimed at destroying unmanned, small-scale drones flying under an […]

Watch Irish People Taste American Junk Food for the First Time

Just in case obesity rates and peer-reviewed studies haven’t persuaded you to cut down on junk food, here’s a video that might. An online video production agency based in Dublin asked a group of young people try America’s favorite snacks. The result? An amusing but mortifying look at the sugary foods most American kids grow […]

Huge UFO Stuns City For 10 Hours On Independence Day

Hundreds of people say they witnessed a huge UFO hovering over the city for 10 hours on Independence Day.  Witnesses feared that Earth was about to be invaded by aliens, or that government departments were experimenting with alien technology, as they watched a spectacular UFO hover over Shanghai, China, all night. Express.co.uk reports: One witness, a […]

21 Things You May NOT Wanna Know About The 4th of July

As Thomas Jefferson penned the Declaration of Independence, British forces were on their way toward New York Harbor.  It began: “When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate […]

Antichrist Identified and it’s Not Who You Think it Is

This video is actually one section of a longer video, but we feel this section is so important that it should be uploaded first as a separate video. How the Illuminati show the Antichrist on TV    Subliminals of the false Christ in TV commercials exposed. From Around the Web

How To Get Rid Of A Stiff Neck Naturally, In Just 90 Seconds

Many people are regularly suffering from stiff necks, as a result of constantly being on computers, phones, tablets and often just getting into a position while sleeping that causes a muscle spasm. Muscles and joints that are a “pain in the neck” can really cause both physical and psychological stress as we go through our […]

3,400 Year Old Underwater Temple From Era of Thutmosis III Discovered Near Cairo

The Minister of Antiquities in Egypt has announced the discovery of an ancient Egyptian temple near Cairo, from the time of Pharaoh Thutmose III.  The ancient temple was found beneath a house, submerged under groundwater, by a group of looters who used diving equipment to explore the nine-meter deep ruins. Seven tablets, two blocks covered […]

CIA Finally Come Clean About Chemtrails On Their Website

The CIA have released an astonishing report on their website that confirms the existence of a U.S. weather modification program that produces chemtrails in the skies.  A speech given by CIA director Director John O. Brennan to the Council on Foreign Relations was transcribed and uploaded to the CIA’s official website on 29th June, 2016. In […]

A Japanese Soldier Who Continued Fighting WWII 29 Years After The Japanese Surrendered

Hiroo Onoda is a Japanese citizen that originally worked at a Chinese trading company.  When he was 20 years old, he was called to join the Japanese army.  He promptly quit his job and headed off to training in Japan.  At a certain point in his training, he was chosen to be trained at Nakano […]

Woman Disguises 911 Call As Pizza Order To Alert Police To Domestic Violence

Once upon a time, a woman brilliantly called 911 to pretend to order a pizza. She was, in fact, calling to alert authorities of a domestic violence incident. It worked. And though Reddit user Crux1836, later identified as former police dispatcher Keith Weisinger, doesn’t know what happened to the woman in the end, the tactic […]

Our Ancestors Had Better Teeth Than Us. Where Did Our Teeth Go Wrong?

Mesolithic hunter-gatherers living on a meat-dominated, grain-free diet had much healthier mouths that we have today, with almost no cavities and gum disease-associated bacteria, a genetic study of ancient dental plaque has revealed. The international team of researchers, led by a group at the Australian Center for Ancient DNA, University of Adelaide, publish their findings […]

100,000 Person Study Reveals This Causes Early Death

Milk is the only beverage still aggressively pushed on children as a health promoting food when it is the exact opposite – a disease promoting food. Drinking pasteurized milk is not nearly as good for general health or bones as the dairy industry has made it out to be. In fact, this fairy tale of […]

These Mutant Transparent Frogs Are Worrying Scientists

In a worrying discovery that sees nature moving more toward the artistic styling of Jason Freeny, scientists have uncovered a type of frog that has mutated to be completely transparent. The frogs were found in the central Russian city of Krasnouralsk, along with other deformed amphibians that had grown extra limbs. Krasnouralsk is notorious in […]

George Soros Plans New World Order EU Superstate Coup

George Soros and his New World Order cronies are running scared after Brexit and they are working overtime behind the scenes on contingency plans to ensure they retain their control over humanity. Plans have already been put forward to morph the current EU into an even more centralized superstate, and with less room for interference […]

The Alarming Truth About Supermarket Meat

The meat you get at the supermarket bears little resemblance to the meat our ancestors ate. And this has profound health implications that most people don’t realize. The Meat Our Ancestors Ate Throughout most of human history, if you wanted meat for dinner, some of your tribesmen had to go hunting. Eventually humans figured out […]

Grandmother Followed by 20 Thousand Bees for Two Days

A Grandmother from Pembrokeshire, Wales, was tracked for over 24 hours by 20 thousand(surprisingly friendly) bees. Bees are generally known for their incredible intelligence and more recent rapid descent in numbers, threatening the Earth’s food sources. However, a recent event took a turn for lighter news after an elderly lady discovered more than 20 thousand bees […]

Mystery That No One Has Solved: The Voynich Manuscript

In a world where knowledge is only a Google search away, mysteries have become scarce, indeed. Although there are plenty of things that humans still do not understand, the amount of knowledge that is being generated on a daily basis is simply overwhelming. Mysteries in the modern era are in fact, in short supply. Enter […]

‘Rain Bomb’ Phenomenon Caught on Camera During Storm

Do you think you know a lot about weather? Do you know what a ‘rain bomb’ is? Storm chaser Bryan Snyder was taking some time-lapse video of a storm over Tuscon, Arizona when he caught an incredibly rare meteorological phenomenon on camera. In the video, it appears that a giant mass of water suddenly plummets […]

This Beautiful, Ornate Church Has A Secret, Bloody History You Won’t Believe

If you’ve ever been alone in the room where your place of worship holds its services, you know that strange feeling you get. It isn’t creepy, exactly, but being there doesn’t feel…allowed. Maybe it’s the empty pews or the illuminated altar, but it’s definitely eerie. Now, imagine that the walls are decorated with the bones […]

FBI Reveal Secret Policy To Target Alternative Media Journalists

FBI documents sought after in Freedom of Information Act requests for the last year are now available, thanks to a leak to the Intercept. They lay out secret rules for collecting phone records of journalists, bypassing normal judicial processes. The documents, published Thursday, outline how FBI agents would utilize National Security Letters in obtaining journalists’ […]

5 Lies You Were Taught In School About Native Americans

5. The Native Americans Weren’t Defeated by White Settlers Lie: Add in some war, throw in some smallpox… Not much is said about how the Native Americans were wiped out. Native American civilization’s fall is usually explained away with its inability to compete with the White Man’s technological prowess. Truth: In the decades between Columbus’ discovery of […]

Why 50% of The U.S. Population Will Not Survive The Next Great ‘Natural Selection’...

Humankind has overreached to the point of suicide. Many of the systems that currently perpetuate modern life are entirely unsustainable and doomed to inevitable collapse. These systems include global debt and fraudulent finance, the mass poisoning of the food supply with agricultural chemicals, the destruction of ecosystems, deforestation, soils destruction, the usurpation of individual human […]

Buddhist Monk Died For 3 Days and Was Shocked To See Buddha In Hell

The Remarkable Testimony of a Buddhist monk in Myanmar (Burma) who came back to life a changed man! Introduction The story that follows is simply a translation of a taped testimony from a man with a life-changing story. It is not an interview or a biography, but simply the words from the man himself. Different […]

America’s Female Prison Population Has Grown 800% and Nobody Is Talking About It

Holly Harris may wear cowboy boots to work, but the Kentucky mom and Executive Director for the US Justice Action Network (USJAN) is far from your average southerner. This past Saturday, June 25th, Harris talked about her work to a group of journalists and bloggers who traveled to Washington D.C. from different corners of the […]

B12 Deficiency: A Silent Epidemic With Serious Consequences

What do all of these diseases have in common? Alzheimer’s, dementia, cognitive decline and memory loss (collectively referred to as “aging”) Multiple sclerosis (MS) and other neurological disorders Mental illness (depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, psychosis) Cardiovascular disease Learning or developmental disorders in kids Autism spectrum disorder Autoimmune disease and immune dysregulation Cancer Male and female […]

Top Five Medicinal Mushrooms: How Mushrooms Could Save Your Health And The World

When you think of mushrooms, what comes to mind? Portabella, white (Crimini) mushrooms, maybe Shiitake? Yea, me too for a long time, until I was recently introduced into the world of mushroom research. According to Mycologist Paul Stamets, there is an estimated 140,000 + species of mycelium (the networking cells of mushrooms).  We are aware […]

If These 8 Species Go Extinct, Entire Ecosystems Will Disappear

A keystone species, by definition, has the power to largely effect entire ecosystems simply by performing natural behaviors for survival. Impressive? We’d say so. Many ecologists consider apex predators such as sharks, killer whales, and wolves to be keystone organisms, since they maintain balance of biodiversity and resource (e.g. food) availability. From the top to […]

7 Year Old Boy Takes Sole Care of His Paralyzed Father After His Mother...

The heartbreaking story of a seven-year-old boy from Guizhou province who has taken care of his paralyzed father for the past year after watching his mother walk out on them has recently made waves online. According to Youth Daily, Ou Tongming, a 37-year-old laborer from Wangpu village in Guizhou province, fell from the second story […]

Scientist Says He Found Definitive Proof That God Exists

One of the most respected scientists of today says he has found evidence of the action of a force “that governs everything.” The theoretical physicist Michio Kaku claims to have developed a theory that might point to the existence of God. The information has created a great stir in the scientific community because Kaku is […]

Surprising Things You Didn’t Know Can Cause Early Death

One universal truth that we, as human beings, cannot escape is the fact that we’re all going to die. It might not be today, tomorrow, or a year from now, but one thing’s for sure. Death is an inevitable aspect of life, which all of us has an appointment with. Yes, death is inevitable, but […]

Countries That Disapeared In The 20th Century

New nations seem to pop up with alarming regularity. At the start of the 20th century, there were only a few dozen independent sovereign states on the planet; today, there are nearly 200! Once a nation is established, they tend to stick around for awhile, so a nation disappearing is quite uncommon. It’s only occurred a handful of […]

9-Year-Old Ponders the Meaning of Life and the Universe

We all know smart kids, who are curious, who collect information. “I knew more things in the first 10 years of my life than I believe I have known at any time since,” says the writer Bill Bryson. But what Bill knew growing up in Iowa was local: “I knew what was written on the undersides of […]

Astronomers Spot ‘The Eye of Horus’ In Outer Space

The Eye of Horus was spotted ins space. Researchers have found that something very strange seems to surround THIS system of galaxies. A system of galaxies recently discovered seems to be hiding something very unusual inside the strange swirls that surround it. The three galaxies discovered by researchers are  7, 9 and 10.5 billion light-years […]

Actress Goldie Hawn Was Asked To Define God, But No One Expected THIS Shocking...

Mothers and daughters have a special bond with one another that only gets stronger through the years. We forget, that celebrity mothers and daughters have this special bond as well. Take one special bond for example of a mother-daughter celebrity favorite of ours, Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson. A Daughter’s Question Daughters are curious. They […]

Second Largest Dutch City Bans Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide

Some cynics write off citizen action including petitions and sign-carrying protesters. They don’t believe such small efforts can make any big difference. But the more than 600,000 people of Dutch city Rotterdam disagree. Their efforts, which began with a petition, have led to a “green initiative” in their city including the banning of Roundup, Monsanto’s flagship product. The petition campaign […]

50 Reasons We Should Fear The Worst From Fukushima

Fukushima’s missing melted cores and radioactive gushers continue to fester in secret. Japan’s harsh dictatorial censorship has been matched by a global corporate media blackout aimed—successfully—at keeping Fukushima out of the public eye. But that doesn’t keep the actual radiation out of our ecosystem, our markets … or our bodies. Speculation on the ultimate impact ranges from […]

Facebook Manipulated Users’ Emotions As Part of Psychological Experiment

Facebook conducted a psychological experiment on its users by manipulating their emotions without their knowledge, a new study reveals. Researchers toyed with the feelings of 689,003 randomly selected English-speaking Facebook users by changing the contents of their news feed, according to a paper published in the June edition of the journal ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of […]

Whole Foods Goes ROGUE – Partners With Monsanto To Kill GMO Labeling Across America

Whole Foods was just caught blatantly LYING about everything covered in this article. CEO Walter Robb has been captured on video admitting total support for Monsanto-engineered GMO fake labeling law that kills Vermont GMO labeling bill. Whole Foods takes to social media to LIE to everyone, denying everything, even while Robb is captured on video… […]

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