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Russia Issues International Arrest Warrant For ROTHSCHILD & SOROS

Vladimir Putin, now in full control of Russia as Prime Minister (then) NOW President , wishes to build a strong Christian nation. In a televised Christmas message on January 7 2008 Putin said:  “The Russian Orthodox Church contributes to the promotion of moral values in society. One should not completely draw a line between the […]

Assange Warns Of ‘Triangle Of Terror’ – Clinton, Pentagon & Google

Julian Assange has warned that Wall Street and multinational corporations are no longer merely exercising power, but are now literally ruling over us, and cautioned that a Clinton White House will feature an unprecedented merger between the private power of corporations and the military might of the state. Speaking via video feed at the Green […]

10 Evil Crimes Of The British Empire

At its height, the British Empire was the largest to have ever existed. Aside from covering most of the globe, it was responsible for some of the greatest advances in engineering, art, and medicine that the world will ever know. The Empire gave us steam engines, penicillin, radar, and even television. However, life under the […]

Google Criticized For Wiping Palestine Off The Map

A petition for “Google to recognize Palestine on Google Maps” has been launched online. The petition with over 116,000 signatures requests that Google puts Palestine on the maps and to clearly identify the Palestinian territories illegally occupied by Israel. Daily Star reports: When you search for Palestine in Google Maps a blank map of Israel […]

Princeton Professor Explains How To Hack An Election In 7 Minutes

A Princeton University professor has demonstrated just how easy it would be to rig an electronic voting machine in the U.S. in order to “hack an election”. Professor Andrew Appel and graduate student Alex Halderman were able to completely hack a real life voting machine in around seven minutes. Thelastamericanvagabond.com reports: After Halderman picked the hulking, 250-pound […]

Donald Trump Wants To Legalize Marijuana

If you want the candidate with the highest probability of ensuring marijuana will be legal across the country, Donald Trump is your best option. In 1990, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune has Donald Trump on record claiming US drug enforcement is ‘a joke’ and all drugs should be legalized to ‘take the profit away from these drug czars.’ According to Trump, […]

There’s an Epidemic of Police Becoming Pedophiles and Nobody’s Talking About It

The country is focused on the ever-growing pile of bodies supplied by cops that shoot unarmed people. Cops have killed US citizens at a rate of three per day since the New Year. It turns out the complete lack of accountability within police departments has created a totally different type of victim: molested children. Aaron […]

500 Rabbis Urge Israel To Stop Demolition of Palestinian Homes

A Palestinian Bedouin near his dwelling that was demolished by Israeli bulldozers near the Jewish settlement of Karmel, near the West Bank city of Hebron. Over 500 rabbis from Israel, Britain, the US and Canada have called on the Israeli prime minister to stop demolishing Palestinian homes. Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR) say Benjamin Netanyahu’s […]

Insider: Bill Cosby Was ‘Framed’ To Prevent Him Buying NBC

An ex Illuminati member has come forward alleging that Bill Cosby was framed with rape allegations in order to prevent him from buying TV network NBC. The Illuminati insider says that Bill Cosby became so much of a threat to the establishment that they had to invent the vilest of accusations against him in order to destroy his career. TMZ […]


CNN received an unexpected response when a reporter asked an 11-year-old Donald Trump supporter if he was upset by the mean words of the 2016 election.   North Carolina resident Matthew Schricker and his mother appeared on CNN after he made headlines for asking Vice presidential contender Mike Pence a question during a recent Donald […]

71 Years Ago, The US Govt Carried Out One of The Worst Terrorist Acts...

In May, Barack Obama became the first US president in history to visit the memorial of the American atomic bombings of Japan in Hiroshima. However, in true American fashion, he offered no apology. “We have a shared responsibility to look directly in the eye of history. We must ask what we must do differently to curb […]

Italian Court Rules Mercury and Aluminum In Vaccines Cause Autism: US Media Continues Total...

It has been more than five months since an Italian court in Milan awarded compensation to the family of a young boy who developed autism from a six-in-one hexavalent vaccine manufactured by corrupt British drug giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), and the U.S. media is still nowhere to be found in reporting on this breakthrough ruling. On […]

Afghan Father Sells 6 Year Old Daughter Into Marriage For a Goat, Bag of...

A father from Afghanistan, barely making ends meet, sold his own daughter to a 55-year-old cleric for a goat and some food. Footage doing the rounds on the Internet shows the moment local women gave him a beating. The father agreed to sell his six-year-old daughter Gharibgol to the 55-year-old imam, Seyed Abdolkarim, which runs […]

Banned Worldwide: Princess Diana Documentary ‘Unlawful Killing’

Unlawful Killing is a 2011 British documentary film, directed by Keith Allen, about the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Fayed on 31 August 1997. The film was banned in 2012 after being shelved by lawyers against potential libel lawsuits.  Producers admitted that lawyers had warned them to make 87 cuts if they wanted […]

Three Anti Clinton Officials Found Dead In One Month

Over the last month three anti-Clinton officials have been found dead under suspicious circumstances, amid a widespread media blackout.  DNC staffer, Seth Rich, who had blown the whistle on widespread election fraud within the Democratic Party was found murdered near his home earlier in July. Victor Thorn, a prominent writer and vocal critic of the Clinton’s, […]

Mysterious Tweet Sparks Fears Edward Snowden Is Missing Or Dead

Edward Snowden tweeted a cryptic 156 character code on Friday evening that was deleted minutes later, sparking fears the message was a ‘dead man’s switch’ meaning Snowden is either dead or missing. A dead man’s switch is a message set up to be automatically sent if the holder of the account does not perform a […]

Diana Told Her Lawyers: ‘I Will Die In A Car Crash’

Princess Diana foretold her own violent death two years before the Paris car crash, the inquest heard today. At a meeting in October 1995 with her divorce solicitors she set out her fears which were recorded in what has become known as the “Mischon Note”. The late Lord Mischon, then a senior figure in law firm Mischon De Reya, made notes of […]

Why Is the Statue Of Liberty Green?

During the Revolutionary War, France became a close friend of Americans seeking freedom from Great Britain. To honor its friendship with America, France gave the U.S. a special gift: sculptor Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi’s beautiful statue called Liberty Enlightening the World. The Statue of Liberty arrived in New York Harbor on June 19, 1885. It came in […]

6 Predictions…. The World As We Know It Has Changed And There Is No...

Just over four years ago, we passed a portal to the unknown. A place where human consciousness has never been. There were doubters and skeptics regarding the process of ascension, but it is here…it is now and there is no going back. The new energy is all-encompassing, pervasive and undeniable, even to those who deny […]

Archeologists Uncover Genghis Khan’s Lost Mongolian Fortress

  Genghis Khan, born as Temujin in 1162, became one of the greatest military leaders of all time by building and ruling the Mongol Empire. At the time of his death, he ruled from the eastern stretches of Asia to as far west as Russia. A team of Mongolian and Japanese researchers uncovered a fortress that […]

A Mindblowing Analysis of The Matrix Trilogy And Its Hidden Messages

On September 15, 2012, researcher Mark Passio gave a detailed presentation that outlined the deeper meanings that were hidden within the Matrix trilogy. The presentation was held at “Liberties” in Philadelphia and was one of the lead-up events for the 2013 Free Your Mind Conference. The presentation delves into how concepts like authority, truth and […]

Stash of US Made Heavy Weapons Found in Terrorist Held Aleppo District

Footage has emerged online allegedly showing mortars, anti-tank missiles and grenades being uncovered along with a quantity of western (mostly US)-made weapons and ammunition in territories abandoned by terrorists in Syrian Aleppo. The video appeared online on Thursday and purported to show the discovery of a large cache of western arms and ammunition in a […]

People Outraged As Karachi Authorities Poison At Least 700 Stray Dogs

Pakistanis are shaming Karachi authorities over their poisoning of at least 700 stray dogs. City officials counter that the canines bite thousands of people yearly, and there is no other way to curb the problem. Warning: you may find these images disturbing. The poisoning of dogs got a fierce reaction from social network users, with […]

Rothschilds Caught Rigging The US Presidential Election

The U.S. Presidential election was rigged even before the first ballot was cast. Everybody knows Hillary Clinton is the establishment’s candidate of choice, backed by the Rothschilds and the New World Order. What is less well known is that Donald Trump is also a Rothschild creation and actor, playing a part in the great sham […]

ILLUMINATI Bilderberg Full Membership Exposed

Full list of 2nd -3rd degree level Freemasons, witches, warlocks, Confirmed Illuminatists, and globalists in attendance of the BILDERBERG conference, in DRESDEN GERMANY. This is “SHADOW GOVERNMENT” in your face!!! ILLUMINATI BILDERBERG  FULL MEMBERSHIP EXPOSED!!: The STEERING COMMITTEE From Around the Web

The Camera Of A Soldier That Died 70 Years Was Just Found. Wait Til...

World War II was an incredibly important time in the history of the world. Families were torn apart, industry was forced to shift gears to provide supplies to soldiers. It was the most destructive war in the history of the world. Casualties are believed to have reached 50 million including soldiers and civilians alike. World […]

I Found This On Google Maps And Zoomed In -and It’s Stranger Than You...

  In the Egyptian desert, in the Sinnai Peninsula, you can see this from Google Images, but what exactly is it? It is called the End of the World Cinema. The cinema consists of 150 worn-out seats, broken screen foundations and a ruined building which housed the projector and generator. The project was the idea […]

Pyramid of Death: Who Really Runs This World?

Who’s REALLY at the top of the pyramid? We’ve all seen the “all seeing eye” at the top of the pyramid on the US one dollar bill: While there are many interpretations of who this is, is it possible that the person at the top of this pyramid isn’t even from this planet and relies […]

How To Read Auras – What is The Meaning of Each Color?

Learn all about auras, how to read auras, how to see your aura, aura colors and what each aura color means. All living things that need oxygen to survive have an aura. They generate a large magnetic energy field that can be sensed, felt and even seen around the physical body. We all can tell […]

Why Does Canada Keep Leaving Bottles Of Whiskey On This Remote Island? This Will...

Far in the Arctic North lies the barren and desolate Hans Island. The uninhabited half-square-mile island, possessing no apparent natural resources, is a bizarre sliver of territory for two countries to fight over. However, since the early 1930s, this nondescript rock has been at the center of an ongoing disagreement between Canada and Denmark. According to World Atlas, Hans […]

Spiritual Places With The Strongest Energy Fields You MUST Visit

Many outdoor pursuits and enthusiasts seek or connect with nature for a “spiritual experience.” There are so many destinations which are more than an average location – they are sacred and spiritual places in nature, and may have native history that contains thousands of years of history and spiritual significance. Such type of places could give you answers to […]

Kurt Cobain Predicted A Donald Trump Presidency

Kurt Cobain made an eerie prediction in 1993 in which he said that Donald Trump would likely become President of the United States.  Just one year before his death, Cobain noted that his generation were sick and tired of American political culture, and that a big political change was coming in the years ahead that would […]

They Stumbled Across This In The Woods… Beneath It Was A Terrifyingly Awesome Secret

Deep in the woods in the middle of northern Germany there are strange, periscope-like pipes that are jutting out of the ground. One day, a group of friends stumbled across them in the former German Democratic Republic territory. They decided to explore the area, even though it seemed a little dangerous. What they found hidden […]

Some Kids Were Digging In Their Backyard When They Hit Something. Police Have Never...

We all grow up digging around in sand boxes hoping to strike it rich and find some hidden ancient treasures. What we typically find is an old Matchbox car or a present left behind by a cat. Either way it’s very rare to find something desirable. Well, that’s not quite the case with a young […]

6 Hard Hitting Facts About Life From The ‘World’s Poorest President’ That Will Make...

“To succeed in your professional life isn’t that hard, but to succeed in your personal life is a lot harder. To really be a human is a lot harder. We forget about that.” These are the words of Yann Arthus-Bertrand, director of the film Human, from which the clip below was taken. The gentleman in the clip is Jose Mujica. […]

10 Incredible Archaeological Finds They Didn’t Tell You About In School

I wanted to be Indiana Jones as a kid. The problem is, archaeology is a lot harder of a degree to obtain than one in English. It’s also way more boring. Admittedly, the life of an archaeologist probably isn’t as exciting as the Nazi-punching adventures of Dr. Jones. Yet every once in a while, a […]

Baltimore Police Kill Black Mother Korryn Gaines, 5 Year Also Shot

Baltimore police fatally shot 23-year-old mother Korryn Gaines in her home after a standoff that lasted hours. A five-year-old was also shot in the incident. Three officers arrived at an apartment in Randallstown on Monday morning to serve both Gaines and a man who lived at the residence with arrest warrants. Gaines was wanted for […]

Teleportations & Time Travelers Caught on Tape

From footage showing people supposedly teleporting in real life to videos of alleged time travelers caught on tape, there has been some astonishing instances in which supposed time travel and teleportations have been caught on camera. In this video we look at many of these instances. What do you think? Do these videos genuinely show […]

Drone Films Snowy Ghost Town Pripyat 30 Years After Chernobyl Disaster

Haunting drone footage of the Chernobyl exclusion zone city Pripyat has been released online ahead of the nuclear disaster’s 30th anniversary. The bird’s-eye video conveys the eerie desolation of the abandoned city, blanketed in snow. Starting at the city’s central landmark, the Palace of Culture, the camera takes in the ferris wheel that never operated, […]

Who Runs America? The Truth About The Secret Government

As a world, are we thriving at our best? The question may seem comical. Of course it depends how you look at it. There is our day-to-day happiness, living in the moment, and feeling fulfilled by our home, our job, our loved ones, our environment. Then there is the deep-rooted issue of feeling like we […]

You May Have Something Extremely Valuable Hiding In Your Change

How often do you pay attention to the change you accumulate throughout the day? (The answer is probably “Not very often.”) However, you might want to start inspecting those shiny nickels… they could be worth more than you realize. These 8 super valuable coins prove that some hobbies can actually be more lucrative than others. […]

Declassified FBI Document: Earth Visited By UFOs, Aliens & ‘Beings From Other Dimensions’

The FBI admits we have been visited by “beings from other dimensions” The official link from the FBI vault can be found here. Is it surprising that the FBI has shown interest in the study of the UFO phenomena? Is it possible that many science fiction films are actually based on real events, or better […]

Meet Dr. Jack Wolfson, a Courageous Cardiologist Willing To Tell The Truth About Modern...

A board-certified cardiologist in Phoenix, Arizona, has decided to stop treating symptoms. Instead, he’s getting to the root causes of his own health, his family’s health and the health of patient’s that come to him for help. For years, he did what every doctor is taught to do. He went to Chicago College of Osteopathic […]

German Scientists Prove There Is Life After Death

A team of psychologists and medical doctors associated with the Technische Universität of Berlin, have announced this morning that they had proven by clinical experimentation, the existence of some form of life after death. This astonishing announcement is based on the conclusions of a study using a new type of medically supervised near-death experiences, that allow patients to be clinically […]

Quantum Equation Suggests The Big Bang Never Occurred – The Universe Has No Beginning

When it comes to the science regarding the true nature of our reality, you won’t find a shortage of theories, or a shortage of criticisms of each theory. We are like a race with amnesia, trying to discover and search for an answer that most probably exists, but has yet to be discovered. How did […]

Winston Churchill’s X-Files: Top Secret UFO Probe Revealed

It appears that Sir Winston Churchill may have ordered a highly classified investigation into UFO’s and even covered-up evidence of alien lifeforms. A number of declassified documents have revealed that Sir Winston Churchill asked a task force of researchers called –the Flying Saucer Working Party – to discover “the truth” behind the significant number of […]

Clinton Was Director Of Company That Donated Money To ISIS

Wikileaks have released documents proving that Hillary Clinton took $100,000 of cash from a company she ran that also funded ISIS in Syria.  The documents reveal that French industrial giant, Lafarge, handed over money to the Islamic state so they could operate its cement plant in Syria, and purchased oil from ISIS. Lafarge is the very same company that […]

Cop Loses It, Shoots Up Church In Rampage Over Violence Toward Police — No...

A 27-year-old deputy was arrested after he admitted to getting drunk and unloading pistols into a Presbyterian church. Instead of facing charges for dangerously discharging a firearm in public, Sommervell County Sheriff’s Deputy, William Cox was set free. The incident began on July 13 when officers responded to a 9-1-1 call about a maniac shooting up […]


A priest who represents the largest religious community in Sweden has warned that Europe needs to “wake up” to the fact that Islamists have declared war on Christianity. Annika Borg, who is a priest in the Swedish Church, an Evangelical Lutheran national church that boasts 6.2 million members, wrote an op-ed for Sydsvenskan in which […]

Satanic Temple Rolls Out After School Program For Kids

The Satanic Temple (TST) is planning to bring Lucifer to school by rolling out extra-curricular clubs across the US. ‘After School Satan’ is the Temple’s response to a Supreme Court ruling allowing evangelical religious programs to operate in schools. Currently, nine clubs are listed as participating in the program including Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and […]

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