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Do Psychopaths Run The World?

“Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it.” ~John Lennon (1940-1980), English singer and songwriter Lennon and others externalise the apparent paranoia that wells […]

Did ‘The Simpsons’ Predict Lady Gaga Super Bowl Half Time Show

The Simpsons are starting to freak us out a bit. The Simpsons predicted that Lady Gaga would perform the Super Bowl‘s halftime show back in 2012. The long-running cartoon, that also said Donald Trump would one day be president back in 2000, even had the singer floating from the stadium roof in a harness. In the […]

Mysterious Big Booms That Felt Country Wide Still Unexplained

On January 24, 2017, at 3:18 pm, numerous people in California’s San Diego County heard at least two mysterious loud booms and many reported seeing a glowing ball in the sky west of the county. More booms were reported early the next morning and at 11:50 am. As of this writing, the booms remain unexplained […]

5 Bizarre Tales Of People Coming Back From The Dead

These people were pronounced dead, some were already being mourned and this bizarre mistake almost cost them their life. These tales are not taken from a Steven King novel but are real life stories which happened to people from all around the world. They were pronounced dead by mistake, but came back to the surprise […]

Does Life Really Flash In Front Of Our Eyes When We Die? This Is...

A new study concluded that life does flash in front of our eyes in the moments of death, and that parts of the brain that are ‘equipped’ with memories are the last to die as opposed to other functions that fail sooner. The study, which included people that had near-death experiences, suggests that this phenomenon […]

Saudi Arabia’s Capital Rocked By Ballistic Missile Strike

Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh was rocked by an unexpected surface-t0-surface ballistic missile launched by the Yemeni military in retaliation for relentless and ongoing Saudi-U.S. incursions into their country. Yemen made the announcement of their first ever attack on the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a statement released by the official state news agency […]

Trump Was Right! Feds Raid Florida Mosque And Uncover HORRIFYING Plans For Americans

It’s not a difficult thing to understand. All it takes is a little study and fact checking because the liberal view that Islam is the religion of peace is utterly false from its historical standpoint. Yes, peaceful practicing Muslims do exist, and they outnumber the violent radicals – but that won’t matter one bit unless […]

FBI: 30% of Washington D.C. Part of Elite Pedo Ring

An FBI whistleblower estimates “close to 30% of the political spectrum” in Washington D.C. is connected to the elite pedophile ring that has been infiltrated by law enforcement, with “high level arrests of close to three dozen pedophile politicians” expected next week. The insider at the Federal Bureau of Investigation says that the FBI finished submitting paperwork to the […]

‘Protected’ Paedophile Bishop Freed After Serving Half His Sentence

A former Bishop of Gloucester who managed to evade prosecution for decades after intervention by a member of the Royal family, Cabinet Ministers and a Lord Chief Justice, has been released from prison Peter Ball, a close pal of Prince Charles, was freed after serving only half his sentence for child sex abuse. Victims of […]

Freemason Connected To Royal Family Arrested In Child Sex Sting

Alan Wright, 75, was once a Grand Master in the secretive organisation and would have been present at meetings attended by Prince Michael of Kent. He resigned when the details of his activities came to light. Now he could face jail when he appears at Ipswich Crown Court for sentence next month. The maximum term […]

Leftists Meltdown, Blame “White Supremacy” For PATRIOTS’ SUPER BOWL Win

The Patriots’ amazing comeback victory in last night’s Super Bowl spawned another leftist meltdown in which the result was somehow blamed on “white supremacy”. Despite the fact that a black player, James White, scored the winning touchdown, Twitter was awash with race-obsessed liberals who thought the unprecedented comeback was some kind of conspiracy. “If the […]

Over 4,000 Children Alleged Victims of Catholic Church Sex Abuse In Australia Since 1980

More than 4,000 children, mostly boys, were allegedly sexually abused by Catholic priests in Australia over decades, an investigation says, adding that since the 1950’s some 7 percent of priests in the country were alleged perpetrators. The report was released on Monday by the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. The […]

CIA Spy Speaks Out After 30 Years of Censorship – Is It Time To...

For thirty years Robert David Steele has been a proponent for intelligence reform. During all that time he has been silenced – marginalized – by the Deep State. In 1988 Steele was the architect and senior civilian responsible for creating the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (MCIA). A former spy as well as a former Marine […]

1984 & Nine Other Eye Opening, Must Read Books

With George Orwell’s classic book, 1984, trending in the U.S. right now, it’s time we also take a look at other books that are eye-opening and those that can raise awareness and create dialogue on important issues that have happened in the past and issues that we face in our world today. 1984 by George […]

CODE 291: Swedish Police Cover-Up Thousands of Crimes Involving Refugees

Swedish police have covered up thousands of crimes involving migrants over the past four months, all of which have been classified under a secret ‘291 refugee code’ designation, it has been revealed. According to a report in Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, around 5,000 incidents have been kept secret, including 559 cases of violence, 194 assaults, […]

Julian Assange Claims Google Is Not What We Think It Is

Yes, we all know Google. But WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange holds a different, darker, shrewder view of it. We use it every day, and entrust it with an ever-increasing amount of our pictures, documents, and presentations. We are all familiar with its playfully artful seasonal logo strains and self-proclaimed corporate benevolence. Yes, we all know […]

Researchers Reveal: Ancient Pueblo People Built Intricate Structures With ADVANCED Geometry

For a long time, we’ve known that ancient cultures around the globe were capable of great architectural and engineering feats thousands of years ago, despite being considered as ‘primitive’. Archaeologists have revealed that the ancient Pueblo people built intricate geometric structures even though they did not possess a written language or number systems like the […]

South Africa, Arizona and Antarctica Are Cracking Open

Is our planet breaking apart? Every day brings a new report about a mysterious or not-so-mysterious giant crack in the ground opening somewhere around the world. Three of the biggest and possibly most devastating are in South Africa, Arizona and Antarctica. What’s the latest status on them and which side should you be on? Fissure […]

European Space Agency Announces Plans To Build a Temple on The Moon

While a group of college students is figuring out a way to brew beer and get drunk on the Moon, the European Space Agency is planning a place where repentant astronauts will be able to confess their sins of drunken debauchery. The ESA’s artist-in-residence (does NASA have one of these?) announced plans last week for […]

Synagogue Where Jesus Likely Preached Uncovered in Israel‏

Some would call it luck, others coincidence. Father Eamon Kelly calls it “providence.” When his Catholic organization, the Legions of Christ, bought a piece of land on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee, little did it know what it would find. When people think of Jesus, they usually think of Bethlehem or Jerusalem, […]

‘You Think Our Country Is So Innocent?’ – Trump Asks After O’Reilly Calls Putin...

The US is not as innocent as it may seem, according to President Donald Trump. When Fox News host Bill O’Reilly called Vladimir Putin “a killer,” Trump responded: “We’ve got a lot of killers.” In an interview to be aired ahead of the Super Bowl later on Sunday, Bill O’Reilly asked if Trump respects Russian […]

Doctors Against Vaccines – These Physicians Actually Did The Research

These following doctors were not content with half-truths, propaganda, and lies. They did their own research. Nancy Banks, M.D. Dr. Banks earned her medical degree at Harvard Medical School. She also earned an MBA in finance from Pace university. She completed her internship and residency at Saint Luke’s Hospital and Mount Sinai Hospital and Medical […]

Julian Assange Gives CNN 48 Hours Before He ‘Destroys Them’

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has vowed to completely destroy CNN within the next 48 hours unless they completely retract false allegations made about him.    Assange has promised to sue CNN and publish information that will completely ‘destroy them’ after the news channel allowed inflammatory remarks about him to be broadcast earlier in January. Conservativedailypost.com reports: […]

John Legend Admits What Everyone Already Knew About America’s Artists

John Legend confirmed what everyone everyone already knew about the entertainment industry in America — they lean left. John Legend Donald Trump racist The singer said that, even if they don’t admit it, “most creative people are liberal.” “Well, we’ve always been liberal,” Legend said during an interview that aired Friday on NPR. “Musicians, actors […]

What Really Lies Hidden in the Vatican Secret Archives?

Mystery and intrigue are inherent to the Holy See. People will always wonder what religious authorities are conspiring to behind closed doors, what treasures lie within the vaults of the Vatican. Despite claims that the Pope has evidence of extraterrestrials and demons tucked away in his catacombs, the truth of the secret archives is much […]

Giant Checkerboard Pattern Seen From Space Plus Earth Live Stream

While floating above the Earth in the ISS, an astronaut aboard the space station noticed this vivid checkerboard pattern visible along Idaho’s Priest River. Highlighting a photograph of the pattern on their website, NASA explained that the white squares are deforested areas covered in snow while the darker spots are locations that still have trees. […]

Facebook Investing in Neuroscience “Telepathy” Technology That Can Read Minds, Report Your Thoughts To...

Mark Zuckerberg and his team of social engineers are hoping to push the Facebook platform one step closer to singularity by developing new ways to invade the human mind in order to spy on people’s thoughts. According to reports, the social media giant is tasking a team of neuroscientists with developing a so-called “brain-computer interface” […]

Rothschild Family Wealth Is Five Times That of World’s Top 8 Billionaires Combined

A recent report by Oxfam International highlights the dramatic rise in income equality by noting that the combined wealth of the world’s top 8 individual billionaires is more than the lower half of the world’s population, some 3.6 billion people. The intention of the report was to bring awareness to the unfairness and injustice inherent in our […]

U.S. Blaming Iran for Attack on American Navy That Never Actually Happened

At a press briefing on Thursday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer asserted that Iran had attacked a U.S. naval vessel. This statement was taken as part and parcel of his argument defending the Trump administration’s decision to put Iran “on notice.” However, as the Intercept confirmed directly with Pentagon spokesperson Christopher Sherwood, the attack in question […]

Harvard Study Finally Admits Drug Prices Are High Because Govt Grants Big Pharma a...

In what can only be described as paradigm-shattering research on drug prices, the Journal of the American Medical Association has officially recognized why drug prices skyrocket in America. Big pharma is granted a monopoly by the state which effectively eliminates their competition and allows them to charge any price they want — so they do. […]

Prescription Euthanasia: Elderly Being Killed off By Antipsychotic Drugs

Older individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease are often prescribed antipsychotic drugs. This controversial practice has been frowned upon for many years. New research has now found that the use of these drugs in Alzheimer’s patients substantially increases their risk of mortality — which begs the question: is this risky practice being conducted with malicious intentions? […]

UK Could Prosecute US Journalists With New Espionage Act

The UK Law Commission wants to overhaul the country’s Espionage Act to prosecute foreigners who “leak confidential information” which “damages” national security and the UK’s economy. This could, in theory, be used to prosecute overseas journalists – including those in the US – who release damning information on UK officials given to them by whistleblowers. […]

Arrests Set For 70 Powerful Ones: “Pizzagate” Connection

Information was finally submitted from the FBI to the DOJ today at 3pm. Mr. Sessions was briefed 3 weeks ago as to the investigation in its entirety. Once assumes his position, arrest warrants will be signed, and arrests will be made. This is also why the Democratic Party in DC has been fighting the Sessions […]

The CDC and The United Nations Are Forced To Admit That Ebola Is Airborne

The United Nations is preparing the world for an overt admission that Ebola is airborne. Anthony Banbury, the United Nations’ Ebola response chief warned of the “nightmare scenario” that Ebola is possibly now, and probably soon will be an airborne pathogen. This is precisely what I reported when I cited several peer review studies which demonstrated that Ebola was already […]

Skeleton of Giant Reportedly Found on Malaysian Island

How tall does one have to be in order to be considered a giant and not just “larger that usual”? Would you consider 5 meters (16.4 feet) tall to be giant or larger than usual? We may soon find out after Malaysian media reports the finding of large bones  in a cave and extremely long […]

Media Reports on Warm ‘Blob’ In Pacific Ocean Pretend It Can’t Be Related To...

Media outlets are widely reporting on two recent studies in the journal Geophysical Research Letters describing a giant “blob” of warm water that may be responsible for recent ecological and weather anomalies across the United States — from California’s drought to the East Coast’s severe winter to the thousands of dying sea lions washing up […]

FBI: Pizzagate Arrests ‘Imminent’ In Washington Pedophile Ring Bust

In February we reported that arrests for the pedophile ring bust were imminent.   David Seaman an investigative journalist has been following this story very closely.  He has been viciously attacked by many. ICE HSI Nashville is proud to work with @TBInvestigation and @BTNPD to arrest 22 people in a major #HumanTrafficking operation in Tennessee […]

Woman Suffers from Mysterious Husband Allergy

Since April of 2016, 29-year-old Minnesotan Johanna Watkins has been unable to be in the same room as her husband due to an intense allergic reaction to the natural scent of his body. While that might sound like a great sitcom premise, the allergy has become utterly life-changing for the couple. Johanna and Scott Watkins married […]

Seven Miles of Massive Footprints Found In North Dakota

A small community in rural North Dakota experienced a very odd visitor this past Christmas. Apparently, the holiday cheer in Dickey County attracted a fabled being in the same tier as Santa Claus: Bigfoot. The only difference? Bigfoot may actually be real. And one man has a compelling story to support it. On the evening […]

Ron Paul: Trump’s Wall Won’t Fix Illegal Immigration, Ending The Drug War Will

Of the many startling actions taken by President Trump since his Jan. 20 inauguration, actually ordering The Wall surprised those who thought his more absurd ideas would be tempered after taking office. But Trump’s trademark grandiosity might not stand up to the reality of things such as the economy and international relations. When team Trump floated […]

US Govt IRS Attorney Busted For Smoking & Distributing Massive Amounts of Meth

An attorney employed by the Internal Revenue Service, Jack Vitayanon, was arrested Wednesday and charged with conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine. Ironically enough, Vitayanon worked in the IRS’s Office of Professional Responsibility for 5 years. His job consisted of investigating attorneys, certified public accountants (“CPAs”), Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) enrolled agents, and other tax professionals based on reports of […]

America’s Looming War with Iran: What You’re Not Being Told

The mainstream media has attempted to frame Donald J. Trump’s election victory as a sort of collusion between Russia and Trump — a scheme allegedly intended to promote an American president who would do Vladimir Putin’s bidding. But the truth is that there is one other country that stands to be the prime beneficiary of Trump’s […]

THEY WANT WAR: Leftists Call For Protesters To Start Killing People While Obama Official...

In case you haven’t noticed, the unhinged, mentally ill, intolerant, bigoted, racist and fact-less Left has now declared war against America. Thanks to the invocation of “journo-terrorism”by the anti-American Left-wing media, brainwashed libtards now believe they are free to engage in unbridled violence and acts of terrorism against Trump supporters, white people and all conservatives. […]

Researchers Discover DNA-Editing Technique: Fixes Broken Genes, Delays Ageing and Cures Incurable Diseases

Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR) is a new genetic editing tool, which scientists claim could transform the field of biology. In fact, for many years now, scientists have experimented on gene editing techniques to find the best tool to alter the DNA of human beings. Through the search on how to edit the […]

Anonymous: The Elimination of George Soros Has Started

Anonymous message concerning George Soros: The western led coup which overthrew the democratically elected government of Ukraine was also influenced by George Soros.  The distain which Soros has for Russia and Putin are well known, but preventing Putin from having control the natural gas flow into Europe through Ukraine was the overriding factor. Interestingly enough, […]

Anti-Vaxxer Biologist Stefan Lanka Bets Over $100K Measles Isn’t A Virus; He Wins In...

By prophylactic vaccination of adults and especially children against measles, the pharmaceutical industry has earned Billions over a 40-year period. The judges at the German Federal Supreme Court (BGH) confirmed in a recent ruling that measles virus do not exist though. Furthermore: There is not a single scientific study in the world which could prove […]

The Law and You: How The Birth Certificate Is Used To Take Away Your...

In this informative video, Bill Turner explains how the beings controlling the legal system enslave you shortly after your mother gave birth to you. Shortly after you were born, your parents signed a birth certificate with a legal name associated to you. When they did this, they registered you to the corporate government, allowing its […]

SOROS Insider Demands Military Overthrow TRUMP

A former Obama administration official, now linked to a Soros-funded foundation, has suggested Donald Trump be declared mentally unfit to hold office or overthrown in a military coup. Rosa Brooks, who served as Counselor to the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy from 2009-2011 and as a senior adviser in the State Department, outlined four ways to […]

Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and What You’re Not Being Told About Trump’s Travel Ban

President Donald Trump’s decision to bar nationals from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States for 90 days prompted one of the largest protests America has seen since anti-Iraq war sentiment compelled thousands to hit U.S. streets in 2003. Moved by the ban’s inclusion of green card holders who were suddenly leftstranded at […]

Epileptic Woman Writes ‘God Help Me’ in Her Own Blood As She’s Gang Raped...

An Ohio woman has filed a federal lawsuit after she says she was brutally raped at the Warren County, Ohio jail, and claims the jail withheld her seizure medicines as well. The woman, who’ll remain unidentified, accuses at least three men of brutally raping her, forced her to go without clothes, and made her drink […]

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