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After Vatican Staff Caught In Gay Orgy, The Pope Says GMOs Are Approved By...

To state it bluntly, Pope Francis is not merely a freedom-hating communist and traitor to the sacred blessing of liberty, he’s actually part of the Satanic takeover of the Catholic Church that has now led the organization down the path of self-destruction. Not only was the staff of a key Vatican advisor recently caught hosting […]

Complete History of John McCain Calling For War Around The World

Earlier this week notorious war hawk US Senator John McCain (R-Az) was diagnosed with brain cancer. While the liberal and conservative establishments are sending their regards, Geopolitics Alert instead compiled a list of reasons why we don’t care about McCain. The list is of course a history of all the instances McCain has called for US-led intervention around […]

Cell Phones Are About To Become More Powerful Than You Could Imagine

Many people don’t realize that some of the most significant technological breakthroughs in recent years, like voice and facial recognition software, autonomous driving systems, and image recognition software, have not actually been designed by humans, but by computers. All of these advanced software programs have been the result of neural networks, popularly referred to as […]

Why You Need to Stop Using Facebook, Twitter, or Google to Log Into Apps

Practically every new app you download forces you to create an account. Instead of plugging in your email and trying to think of a password, linking to a social media account is so much more convenient—one click and you’re in. But you might pay the price for that time-saver. By law, those third-party apps need […]

Banking Elite In Panic As Russia Moves To Create Its Own Cryptocurrency

Russian leader Vladimir Putin is once again fighting back at the Elite by protecting his people from the powerful globalists attempting to take control of the Russian people and their money. Earlier this year Neon Nettle reported that Putin had already begun preparations to free Russia from the monetary prison of the international banking system […]

Facebook Stalking Just Got A Whole Lot Riskier Thanks To An Embarrassing New Feature

People Are Complaining After Accidentally Clicking Facebook’s New ‘Hello’ Feature Stalking people on Facebook is something a lot of people do to pass the time. Depending on a person’s privacy setting, you can find out a lot about someone just from looking at their statuses, comments, likes and photos. It can get a bit awkward […]

Telecom Giant Unveils Human Injectable Microchips To Replace Credit Cards For Purchases

The UAE telecoms giant unveiled new injectable microchips, which store all your credit card, ID and business card data inside, for the first time in the Middle East at GITEX 2016 in Dubai. It might sound like something from a dystopian science fiction fantasy but you could soon be able to pay for goods and […]

Russia & China Declare All Out War On US Petrodollar — Prepare For Exclusive...

The formation of a BRICS gold marketplace, which could bypass the U.S. Petrodollar in bilateral trade, continues to take shape as Russia’s largest bank, state-owned Sberbank, announced this week that its Swiss subsidiary had begun trading in gold on the Shanghai Gold Exchange. Russian officials have repeatedly signaled that they plan to conduct transactions with […]

Aborted Baby’s Heart Was Beating As We Harvested His Brains: Worker In New Planned...

A former procurement technician who helped harvest organs at Planned Parenthood said she saw a baby boy’s heart beating outside his body before the child’s body parts were extracted. Holly O’Donnell, a former procurement technician at StemExpress, said at Mar Monte’s Alameda clinic in San Jose a co-worker named Jessica brought over the most fully developed baby […]

McDonald’s Refuses To Give A Homeless Lady Some Hot Water, Then A Guy In...

A kind man from Cardiff named Jonathon Pengelly was moved to tears by an incident that happened at the local McDonald’s. He was there on Saturday night, standing in the long queue when something really heartbreaking happened. Jonathon stood behind a homeless woman who asked for some hot water, but the staff refused to fulfill […]

New Online Company Will Sell Everything For Just $3 Bucks

I don’t know about you but the last time I meandered through the aisles of a certain store that starts with “Whole,” I looked down to find my wallet had one in it. At least a proverbial one. Dying for cherry-chocolate chip, gluten-free, dairy-free, organic ice-cream? That’ll be $54 dollars please – without tax. So […]

“Pilot Who Heard Every Word Of Clinton/Lynch Secret Meeting Breaks His Silence”; Now Dead

“The pilot who flew the plane for the secret meeting between Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch and, recently disclosed, Paul Ryan, is breaking his silence for a $2 million payday that is sure to put his life in danger. Dimitri Noonan, a pilot who has worked for the Justice Department for 25 years, has codeword clearance […]

Is 14 Legged Killer Squid Found TWO MILES Beneath Antarctica Being Weaponised By Putin?

A KILLER giant squid that can hypnotize its prey and paralyze humans at a distance of 150 feet using poisonous venom is being developed as a secret weapon by Vladimir Putin, a scientist has claimed. Doctor Anton Padalka claims he was part of a Russian scientific expedition to a subterranean lake in the Arctic that […]

5 Types of American Doctors Who Know Nothing About Nutrition and Push Chemical Medicines

Ever heard of the 250,000 cotton farmers in central India who took their own lives after being manipulated by promises made by Monsanto? Monsanto claimed to be able to put an end to famine and promised unheard of riches and crop prosperity if the farmers would switch from their conventional farming methods to the use of […]

City Infrastructure Crumbling As NY Subway Trains Now Being Held Together With Zip Ties

It seems New York State has been spending its annual budget on everything but infrastructure. Though infrastructure is one of the most elemental responsibilities, in lieu of patching up crumbling bridges or potholes littering the streets, Buffalo teachers and their families now get free plastic surgery included in their contracts, News Day reported. Furthermore, New […]

Why Was Russian Lawyer With Obama Officials DAYS After Trump Jr Meeting?

As the fallout continues over Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian attorney, people are beginning to wonder exactly what connections Natalia Veselnitskaya had with Democratic operatives. The Kremlin denies knowing Veselnitskaya and she herself said she had no intention of speaking to Trump Jr. about any incriminating evidence against Hillary Clinton (though it seems pretty clear […]

America’s Sixth President Perfectly Explains Islam in One Sentence

Tuesday, July 11, 2017 marksed the 250th birthday of America’s Sixth President, John Quincy Adams. The son of famous American Founder John Adams, John Quincy Adams was an adamant opponent of slavery in the United States. In fact, he even argued the case for the slaves who rebelled aboard the Amistad slave ship when the Supreme Court […]

Teen Buys A Brownie For A Cop And Is Fired From His Job Because...

A Texas teenager who was fired after he paid for a brownie for a police officer in line at his cookie stand will be reinstated. Zachary Randolph, 18, is an employee at Great American Cookies in the Katy Mills Mall in Katy, Texas. But his employment was in jeopardy for a few days after a […]

People Are Convinced The Queen’s Hat Is A Secret Message

Queen Elizabeth II officially opened parliament in the United Kingdom on Wednesday with a speech, but it was her outfit that made the real statement. Scheduling conflicts led to a more casual ceremony than usual, with the queen foregoing the typical ceremonial robes and crown. Instead, the monarch wore a festive yellow and blue floral dress with […]

CNN Producer Admits Russia Narrative Is ‘Bullsh*t,’ Just For ‘Ratings’

A senior producer at CNN has described the intense speculation that Russia aided the Trump presidential campaign as “bullsh*t.” Filmed on a hidden camera, CNN producer John Bonifield admits the organization’s anti-Russia reporting is purely for ratings. “It’s mostly bullsh*t right now. Like, we don’t have any big giant proof,” Bonifield tells a reporter in secretly-filmed […]

Seven People Have Died Trying To Find Adolf Hitler’s Secret £35 Billion Gold Stash

Since the end of WW2, many expeditions and illegal salvage hunts have claimed the lives of at least seven treasure hunters searching for the fabled lost gold of the Third Reich. Archival reports document the final days of the Second World War, during which the Allies forced Hitler into submission. Those days in May of […]

Hidden Brain Risk In Foods and Cosmetics

Millions of tons of titanium dioxide are produced globally each year. It adds whiteness and brightness to products and also helps them resist discoloration. Titanium dioxide also reflects ultraviolet (UV) light, which is why it’s often used as an ingredient in sunscreens. Most titanium dioxide (close to 70 percent) is used as a pigment in […]

You Won’t Believe This New Law Against Cash and Bitcoin

This one is almost too ridiculous to believe. Recently a new bill was introduced on the floor of the US Senate entitled, pleasantly, “Combating Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and Counterfeiting Act of 2017.” You can probably already guess its contents. Cash is evil. Bitcoin is evil. Now they’ve gone so far to include prepaid mobile […]

Philadelphia Police are Seizing People’s Homes and Not Because They Can’t Pay‏

The Philadelphia police are putting home owners on the street and it has nothing to do with their ability to pay the mortgage, nor are they being charged with a crime.   Christos Sourovelis works hard and owns a painting business. He has built a “dream house” in a Philadelphia suburb, and without warning, the […]

Grandma Invented The Fidget Spinner, But She Can Barely Make Ends Meet

You’ve probably seen a fidget spinner by now, right? It’s a small toy that pretty much every kid has now that spins between your fingers. It was originally marketed as a device for people with attention problems and to help them focus, but it quickly became a new trend. The fidget spinner business has grown like […]

The 10 Worst Health HOAXES Pushed As “Science” Over The Last 100 Years

When a trend goes viral, millions of Americans “board that train” without giving it a second thought; however, come to find out, most of these massively popular trends aren’t trends at all, but rather propaganda-led health Ponzi schemes that have led millions of “sheeple” (people who act like ignorant sheep) off their own health cliff. Long […]

EPA Hid tTruth About Glyphosate and Cancer For Decades To Protect Monsanto’s Corporate Profits

Did the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency run cover for biotech behemoth Monsanto for years to hide the cancer-causing properties of one of the agri-giant’s most profitable chemicals? Absolutely, asserts Dr. Anthony Samsel, a research scientist and consultant who says he has EPA documents in his possession which allegedly show that Monsanto was aware of research […]

Pope Francis: Capitalism Is “Terrorism Against All Of Humanity”

Once again, Pope Francis has made global headlines, shocking reporters late Sunday after blaming the “god of money” for the extremist violence that is taking place in Europe and the Middle East. A ruthless global economy, he argues, leads disenfranchised people to violence. Responding to a question from a journalist about whether or not there is […]

Motorist Spares Change For A Homeless Man….. Here’s Why He Is Pulled Over By...

It’s truly sad that the saying, “No good deed goes unpunished” has a kernel of truth to it. Many of us don’t give a second thought to handing panhandlers loose change. It can’t hurt, right? When Dane Rusk saw a homeless man on the side of the road holding up a sign, he immediately felt […]

Vatican Speaker: Remove 6 Billion People and Introduce New World Order

One of the speakers for the Vatican has stunned the public by saying that the earth is overpopulated by 6 Billion people and that a world government is needed. The statement by Professor John Schellnhube, who was the chosen speaker for the Vatican’s rolling out of a Papal document on climate change, has been criticized for his […]

History Lesson: America Is The Same ‘Ol Oligarchy It Was Over a Century Ago

When Americans see charts like this one which illustrate that virtually all the food on grocery store shelves basically comes from no more than 10 megacompanies, or hear statements like this one from our own Attorney General Eric Holder who told the Senate Judiciary Committee that some banks are just too big to prosecute, or check out studies […]

Prince William Breaks Royal Protocol….See Photo That Would Leave Tears Streaming From Diana’s Face

Devastating fire destroyed the Grenfell Tower apartment building in London. The flames claimed the lives of dozens of innocent people and left families searching for loved ones. The 24-floor building became completely engulfed in flames, and residents were doing everything they could to escape. Some brave souls even tried leaping from their windows to the […]

Orwellian Medicine On The Horizon….Mark Of The “Beast”- Medical System’s New Gateway To Completely...

Big Brother is ready to watch you as you hop from doctor to doctor, treatment to treatment, and you have reason to be worried. Action Alert! Congress has moved us one step closer to establishing a unique patient identifier (UPI) system. The UPI is meant to act like a passport into the healthcare system and […]

Something Astonishing Is Happening To Mankind – And We Don’t Realize It Yet

It is a tragic moment when a soul becomes trapped into a daily routine. Day after day it is the same thing, and eventually, that person tunes out from the rest of the world. News no longer matters, social media is just something to stare at mindlessly, and the overall desire to learn and expand […]

11 Year Old Pregnant Florida Girl Forced To Marry Her Rapist

While other children played on the swingset, Sherry Johnson was forced to get married at the age of eleven. However, despite that being bad enough, when you consider that she was forced to marry her rapist, well, things get a bit more complicated. “It was forced on me,” she explained in an interview. Unfortunately, she […]

Only Three Countries Left Without a ROTHSCHILD Central Bank

The Rothschild family is slowly but surely having their Central banks established in every country of this world, giving them incredible amount of wealth and power. In the year of 2000 there were seven countries without a Rothschild owned or controlled Central Bank: Afghanistan Iraq Sudan Libya Cuba North Korea Iran It is not a coincidence that […]

How The Dairy Industry Tricked Humans Into Believing They Need Milk

Despite the fact that one can get their daily recommendation of calcium, potassium, and protein from fruits and vegetables, the dairy industry has spent billions of dollars to convince consumers otherwise.  Got Milk? We sure hope not. Despite being a somewhat tasty addition to coffee, tea, and delectable treats, the ingredient – when pasteurized – is […]

Russian Official Picture Accidentally Shows New Satellite

The Russian Ministry of Defense made what appeared to be a massive screw-up this week by publishing a photograph to its website that contained information about two never-before seen satellites. IHS Markit, a London-based company that collects and analyzes intelligence, was the first to spot the presumed mistake. “One of the photographs showed the delegation inspecting a […]

Children Under Six Are Being Prescribed Antidepressants By Doctors

What sort of world are we living in when children below the age of six are being given antidepressants? A rather sordid one if the National Health Service(NHS) figures are anything to go by. Of the 198,906 prescriptions of antidepressants handed out to those under 18 in the UK, a shocking 12,756 of those were […]

McDonald’s Replacing Cashiers With Robot Kiosks

McDonald’s is replacing at least 2500 cashiers with robotic kiosks as part of a grand strategy to stay competitive. The embattled fast food giant, which recently flirted with the possibility of shutting down hundreds of stores, hopes its “Experience of the Future” program will reverse stagnant sales. “McDonald’s is cultivating a digital platform through mobile […]

TRUMP Proposes Adding Solar Panels To Border Wall

A “big, beautiful” wall between the US and Mexico is coming soon and could produce clean energy, the president stated Wednesday. Speaking at a rally in Iowa, President Trump reiterated his plan to build a southern border wall and proposed incorporating solar panels in order to lower the structure’s cost. “Yes we will build the […]

No Conspiracy Theory — Small Group of Companies Have Enormous Power Over The World

A major scientific study identified a number of companies with out-sized control over a huge portion of the earth’s economy.  In October of 2011, New Scientist reported that a scientific study on the global financial system was undertaken by three complex systems theorists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland. The conclusion of the […]

Senate Bill To Force Citizens To Register Cash Not In a Bank, Violators Get...

A new bill seeks to track your money and assets incessantly, will enjoin any business with government ties to act as a de facto arm of DHS, and would steal all of your assets — including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies — should you fail to report funds when traveling with over $10,000. Under the guise […]

Former CIA Spy Who Carried Out A False Flag Attack Talks About False Flag...

“Most terrorists are false flag terrorists, or are created by our own security services. In the United States, every single terrorist incident we have had has been a false flag, or has been an informant pushed on by the FBI. In fact, we now have citizens taking out restraining orders against FBI informants that are […]

Russia Faces Shortage of PC Graphics Cards Due To Bitcoin Mining

An ordinary Russian consumer may face difficulty buying a video card for his home PC, Vedomosti newspaper reports. The recent surge in the value of bitcoin has caused a jump in demand for video cards, which are used in cryptocurrency mining. People buy up to 600 video cards at once, sources in the industry told […]

Bitcoin Now Being Heavily Manipulated By The Communist China

The price of the popular online “cryptocurrency” Bitcoin has reached all-time highs in recent weeks, with many wondering what will happen next as the Bitcoin bubble expands ever-larger. While many are focused on heightened interest in Bitcoin from Japanese and South Korean retail investors, which is massively driving up its trade value, there’s another major […]

Amazon Buys Whole Foods, Creating The World’s Largest Marketplace of Untested Health Products

Amazon will acquire Whole Foods Market for $42 a share in a deal with a total value of $13.7 billion, according to multiple news reports (including CNBC), creating the world’s largest marketplace for untested health products contaminated with heavy metals and pesticides. Neither Whole Foods nor Amazon tests every product it sells for heavy metals […]

Undercover Cop Who Posed As Heroin Addict For 14 Years Says Drugs Should Be...

This is Neil Woods. A normal looking guy who’s probably had a relatively normal life you’d think – but boy could you be further from the truth. Neil worked as one of the UK’s first undercover cops for over 14 years – infiltrating some of the nation’s most barbaric and notorious drug and organised crime […]

Could We Soon REVERSE Death….. US Company To Start Trials ‘Reawakening The Dead’ in...

The first attempts to bring people back from the dead are slated to start this year. Bioquark, a Philadelphia-based company, announced in late 2016 that they believe brain death is not ‘irreversible’. And now, CEO Ira Pastor has revealed they will soon be testing an unprecedented stem cell method on patients in an unidentified country […]

Dennis Rodman Is Insane…….Gives North Korea Trump Themed Gift….. Copy of “Art of the...

If you’re a sports star, you have to be an odd bird to earn the nickname “The Worm.” That doesn’t even begin to explain Dennis Rodman, though. The former NBA star, whose insane hijinks have earned him no small share of notoriety, is back in North Korea with his BFF Kim Jong Un and his regime. […]

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