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If Ever You’ve Seen This Painting, Here’s The Secret Behind The Portrait Most Don’t...

The image of Jesus of Nazareth from the iconic painting is familiar to many Christians. You probably don’t even need to guess which one I’m referring to – the picture may already be so deeply embedded into your mind, you can see it clear as day even as we speak. Many Americans grew up with […]

12-Year-Old Is Abducted And Beaten By Men…..Then 3 Lions Save Her Life

Women living in Ethiopia face a very harsh reality. They live in constant danger and in fear of being abducted, raped, or even forced into marriage. According to NBC News, kidnapping young girls has been engrained as a marriage custom in Ethiopia. Nearly 70% of marriages in Ethiopia are forced by abduction, and they are generally […]

Rudolph Giuliani Blasts Pizzagate, Fake News, Clones, & 911 Into The Stratosphere, With Official...

If what is written in the letter and Tweets that were posted is real, then it would appear that Mr. Giuliani is disclosing the depths of p—philia in this country, and in the governments of the world. We shall see. At least this may give some an avenue for further research. Rudolph Giuliani Blasts Pizzagate, “Fake […]

This Little Dog Takes A Trip Everyday By Herself That Left Me In Tears

It is often said that “dogs are man’s best friend”.  What you are about to see will assure you that dogs are both men’s and women’s best friends!  How does such a tiny little creature have the sensitivity, on its own, to be so caring and loving? Nala, the Teacup Poodle seems to be a […]

Pharma Execs Arrested in Conspiracy To Create Opioid Addicts For Profit

Just under the radar of the American dream is a terrible crisis ruining families, destroying communities and killing people who are just too young to die. Overdoses from opioids, synthetic opioid drugs, and heroin have become a genuine epidemic, killing tens of thousands of Americans a year, swamping emergency emergency services and creating a booming […]

College Student Earn 4.0 GPA,Then Drops Out: “You Are Being Scammed!”

Billy Williams just finished his first college semester and did so with the all-impressive 4.0 GPA. Instead of celebrating his accomplishments with friends and family, he decided to drop out of college entirely. Billy made a facebook post that is now going viral in which he explains his reasoning for dropping out: “Now that I’ve […]

George Soros and Bill Gates Exposed As The Force Behind Facebook’s New ‘Fake News’...

After controversy erupted over Facebook’s plan to use left-leaning, liberal fact-checking organizations to flag “disputed” news — as part of the wholly vapid and unnecessary war on “fake news” — additional information has emerged that won’t quell the public’s misgivings on the situation. Billionaire globalist George Soros is among several liberal ‘luminaries’ funding the social […]

Formaldehyde: Why Is A Known Poison & Carcinogen In Vaccines Given To Children?

Formaldehyde is a recognized carcinogen and health threat. As represented by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), a number of watchdog agencies including the American Cancer Society, the FDA, the National Cancer Institute (NCI), and others have classified formaldehyde as a known or probable cancer-causing agent, or carcinogen, and OSHA adds that it […]

Could Nutrition Improve Mental Health Better Than Prescription Drugs?

“Depression” is a word that we throw around a lot and many people may not realize the weight it carries, especially in today’s world. The kind of depression that people many times use out of context may describe the normal ups-and-downs and the fleeting emotions of everyday life. What is it? Depression – the kind […]

Elite Panicking? Independent Media Has More Power Than Mainstream Media

Recently Google and Facebook came under fire about helping to stop ‘fake news.’ Many believe this was brought on by angry people who were upset about Hillary losing the election and were looking for someone to blame. Immediately came the reports that ‘false news’ and ‘fake news’ about Hillary was to blame for why she […]

Kim Kardashian To Divorce Kanye For Supporting Trump

  Kim Kardashian is planning to divorce husband Kanye West following the recent announcement that he supports Donald Trump. Kim was spotted without a wedding ring on her finger last night, as photographers snapped a picture of the 36-year-old riding in a car with her three-year-old daughter North and one-year-old son Saint – without the usual ring […]

Archonic Spiritual Enslavement of Our Species — The Matrix Farm

Our bodies should not require sleep/ rest since these organic vehicles have been designed to function continuously. We even have a self-servicing function, where our bodies repair themselves. And since we take our “fuel” from food, we shouldn’t require sleep at all. So why do we need it? The reason we need sleep is because […]

Stork Flies Over 8,000 Miles Every Year Just So He Can See His Injured...

The power of love can show up in the most unpredictable of places, and there are two storks in Croatia that are proving this with their beautiful display of dedication to one another each year. At the end of every August, a male stork named Klepetan migrates to South Africa and leaves behind Malena, his […]

They Stumble On Civil War Time Capsule From 1895….. When They Opened It….Absolute Nightmare

History is important. If we don’t know what has happened before us, we’re bound to repeat things. But that is not the only reason people bury time capsules. Often, those that create these interesting statements do so to leave a legacy and give future generations a glimpse into a distant past. That’s exactly what Paul […]

A 627-Year-Old ‘Blood Miracle’ Failed To Occur, Heralding Disaster For 2017

If you thought 2016 was bad, you might want to gird yourself for an even worse 2017. The dried blood of Saint Januarius failed to liquefy in a ceremony in Naples, Italy, on Saturday December 17, 2016, according to a report in Italy’s La Stampa, heralding disaster for next year. Monsignor Vincenzo De Gregorio, the abbot […]

8 Hand Signs Yoga Masters Use To Get Rid Of Migraines, Anxiety, And Depression

There is a reason why so many people around the world practice yoga. It makes them feel better. But, these days, it’s good to back things up with some evidence. So, here it goes. Western medical science suggests that regular yoga practice can increase the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for […]

A Wooden Monster Emerges From The Baltic Sea After 500 Years

A wooden sea monster has emerged from the Baltic Sea. The wooden head figure weighs around 660 lbs (300 kg). It has crocodile-like mouth and lion-like ears. It is believed to belong to the era of Christopher Columbus. The wooden monster had been lying on the seabed from last half a century. It was carried and moved very carefully by the divers. The wooden head belongs […]

Highest Wave In History: Huge Wave Higher Than 6 Storey Building Spotted In Atlantic...

The UN’s weather agency on Tuesday December 13  announced the highest wave on record – a behemoth that towered 19 metres (62.3 feet) above the North Atlantic. Scrutiny of data sent back by an automated buoy showed a monster wave rose at 0600 GMT on February 4, 2013 at a remote spot between Britain and […]

8 Ways Facebook Is A Cult Just Like Scientology

We all know Scientology is a cult. But Facebook, everyone’s favorite social network, has plenty of cultish qualities too. After all, the amount of control and personal information we relinquish to Facebook goes way beyond any confidential tidbits John Travolta reveals during the church’s regular “auditing” interviews. Think of the cult similarities between Facebook and […]

16 Things to Expect From A Loved One With Anxiety

“Chronic anxiety is a state more undesirable than any other, and we will try almost any maneuver to eliminate it,” wrote Robert E. Neale in The Art of Dying. Anxiety is, indeed, a miserable affliction. However, it also lives in some of the most wonderful people in our world. Anxiety often comes hand-in-hand with a […]

Former CIA Spy Says “Russian Hacking” Is Another Lie

Robert Steele simply tells it how it is. The former CIA spy is no stranger to truth telling, as he has made waves in the past by publicly stating that almost every single “terrorist attack” that has taken place in the U.S. has been a false flag event. Robert has also publicly talked about the […]

Sex and Aural Energy

Pay attention to whom you share your intimate energy with. Intimacy at this level intertwines your aural energy with the aural energy of the other person. These powerful connections, regardless of how insignificant you think they are, leave spiritual debris, particularly within people who do not practice any type of cleansing, physical, emotional or otherwise. […]

Earth Closer To ‘Irreversible Changes’ as Humanity Crosses 4 of 9 Planetary Boundaries

Earth is slipping towards the “danger zone” as humanity has crossed four of nine environmental phases, so-called planetary boundaries, bringing closer potentially “irreversible changes,” a high-profile study claims. A combination of factors, including climate change, shifting agriculture patterns and other activities that cause biological and chemical changes to nature (not least of which is the […]

EPA’s Final Report On Fracking Confirms It Contaminates Drinking Water

  The Environmental Protection Agency has finally admitted that fracking contaminates drinking water resources in its widely anticipated final report on the practice. In June 2015, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a draft report claiming that hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, had not led to “widespread, systemic impacts on drinking water resources,” despite significant […]

Student Lets Thief Steal His Phone, Spies On Him For Weeks To Make This...

Film student Anthony van der Meer had his iPhone stolen and the thought that a stranger had access to all of his personal data really concerned him. What kind of person would steal a phone? Where do these phones end up? These were his biggest questions. To get answers, Anthony had another phone stolen from […]

15 Skills For Surviving a Collapsed City

Will you survive a disaster in a city without having resources such as water, food, and safe shelter at your immediate disposal? You’re going to be facing hard times and the adversity from your fellow urbanites who aren’t survival-savvy. Whether it’s a financial collapse or a natural disaster, you need to know how to survive. You can […]

U.S. Congress Introduces Bill Ordering “FEMA” To Conduct Mass Fatality Planning

While millions of Americans were busy watching the elephant puppet battle the ass puppet at the latest political circus, the United States Congress quietly introduced a new piece of legislation ordering the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to begin preparing for mass casualties throughout the country. House Resolution 6566, also known as the Mass Fatality Planning and Religious […]

NASA Prepares To Take First Pictures of Planet X NIBIRU

Even before Pluto was demoted as a planet, there was often the joke that there was a tenth planet known as Planet X, but in reality, people laughed it off and would obviously not take such a comment seriously. Since Pluto was no longer deemed a planet, a planet known as Planet X has come […]

Hemp Seed Eating Village In China Holds Oldest, Healthiest People In The World

While there is a man in Bolivia said to be the oldest living person in the world, at 123 years of age, a village in China is boasting ages far older than the global average, and few suffer from any health problems. Scientists believe the secret is in their diet, which actually includes lots of […]

Vatican Bombshell: This Information Will Change Humanity

If you have never had a supernatural experience in your life, get ready to have your mind blown! This video recaps the most profound and conclusive data exposing the era of the beast rising out of The Holy Sea! Make sure to stay tuned through the end when we visit Michelangelo’s “The Final Judgment” and […]

Assange Bombshell: Russia Were Not Behind US Election Hacking

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has made a public appearance to refute CIA claims that Russian hackers influenced the US election. Speaking on Sean Hannity’s radio show, Assange said that Russia were not responsible for the DNC email leaks sent to WikiLeaks. Hill reports: On Sean Hannity’s radio show, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said that hacked Democratic documents […]

Ever Wondered Where The Hamburger Got Its Name From

You know you love eating that cheese drooling, ham filled burger that comes right out of the oven served to please your taste buds. But have you ever wondered why the burger you eat is called a burger? This story will take you back to the 18th century when some Germans were traveling to Asia […]

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Eat ANY Snow, Not Just Yellow Snow

From a young age, parents teach us not to eat yellow snow. As you know, it could mean that someone urinated on it. But, once you find out that snow can act as a “sink” for other air particles, it begs the question whether it’s safe to eat even clean snow! Research conducted at universities worldwide has […]

Woman Claims She Was Kidnapped By ‘Evil Gnomes And Goblins’ And Held Captive In...

Some people make such outrageous claims about supernatural or extraterrestrial encounters that it’s difficult not to question their sanity. From being probed by aliens to ghost haunting, we’re raised to believe that such matters should be treated with the utmost skepticism. There are times, though, when an individual is so utterly convinced that such a thing […]

Street Kid Approaches Car To Beg For Money, But When He Looks Inside He...

We have shared stories with you before about people caring for the homeless. Like this story about a taco shop owner who made it easy for customers to donate coats to the homeless, and this little girl who gave a homeless man her dinner after spotting him from inside a restaurant. But what about stories of […]

1-Year-Old Boy Is Kidnapped….. 21 Years Later, Cops Call Mom And Tell Her They...

Maria Mancia lost her son 21 years ago… but she never gave up hope for his safe return. Her son, Steve Hernandez was only 18-months-old when he was kidnapped by his own father, Valentin. Before Valentin left the California home with his infant son, the malicious man removed every photo and document of his son […]

The Secret Behind The Ancient Egyptian Blue Lotus Flower That Puzzled Scientists For Centuries

There is a mysterious image that has appeared time and again in thousands upon thousands of pieces of ancient Egyptian art. The blue lotus flower looks almost fan-like across many of the images found in tomb paintings, papyrus scrolls, sculptures, and even on headdresses. The flowers also symbolize the god of perfume, Nefertem. It was […]

If Saddam Had Remained in Power, Rise of ISIS ‘Improbable’ – Hussein’s CIA Interrogator

Islamic State would not have enjoyed the success it did if Saddam Hussein had remained in power, John Nixon, the former CIA agent who grilled him, claims. Nixon says the West should deal with leaders it “abhors” to have a stable Middle East. Nixon was the first to debrief Saddam after his capture in December […]

The Simpsons Predicted Pizzagate 16 Years Ago

The Simpsons appear to have predicted the future yet again, with an unearthed 1991 episode depicting a situation very similar to the “Pizzagate” scandal. On November 21, 1991, an episode entitled “Flaming Moe’s” aired on Fox, and featured a pizzeria named “Zip Zap” and “Za Pizza Arcade”. Distract101.com reports: Predictive programming is a term used […]

Extremely Rare 200 Year Old “Living Fossil” Giant Salamander Discovered Near A Cave In...

Only three species of giant salamanders exist today and a notably large member of the Chinese species was discovered outside a cave near Chongqing recently. The endangered amphibian is quite striking when seen next to a typically-sized man, definitely earning the title of “giant.” This specimen also lives up to its moniker as a “living fossil” […]

DEA Quietly Announces “Schedule I” Status For CBD Extracts To Comply With United Nations...

In case you didn’t notice, the war against human freedom is now in full force across the entire establishment: Big Media, Big Pharma, Big Government, Big Banks and Big Agriculture are assaulting our bodies and minds by the hour, it seems. The latest salvo in that war happened just a day ago, as the DEA […]

Police Arrest Berlin Metro Attacker Who Kicked Woman Down Stairs In Random Act of...

German police have detained the main suspect in the violent attack on a woman in Berlin’s subway, which grabbed media headlines after shocking CCTV footage of it surfaced in December. The man and his three accomplices are said to hail from Bulgaria. The 27-year old suspect, who was not officially named, was detained at a […]

Student Uses Coupon Clipping Skills To Buy $100,000 of Products For The Poor

Reality TV shows are good for something, it turns out. A 16-year-old girl actually learned a valuable skill while watching “Extreme Couponing,” and has turned it into a philanthropic powerhouse for aiding people in hospitals and homeless shelters. Instead of hoarding a stash of goodies, she uses those coupon skills to deliver food, household and personal supplies, and electronics to people […]

Freakish Events That Are Happening Now

THIS VIDEO shows strange events from this past week…Something big is happening prophecy has begun watch now new world order the truth may scare you we are living in strange times strange sound sounds loud mystery boom what is going on super bowl halftime show Illuminati Grammy’s music signs of the end events from this […]

Why It’s Important To Understand Your Dark Side

When you were little, were you afraid of the dark? Most of us were. And I doubt we ever thought to question this fear. We were almost naturally taught to be afraid of the dark, because the dark is full of unknown things that might hurt us. But what usually happened when you turned the […]

Current Membership List of ‘Committee of 300’ – Who Are They And What Are...

The Committee of 300 is a product of the British East India Company’s Council of 300.  The East India Company was chartered by the British royal family in 1600.  It made vast fortunes in the opium drug trade with China and became the largest company on earth in its time. Today, through many powerful alliances, […]

‘Ghost Shark’ Caught on Camera For First Time in Northern Hemisphere

The chimaera, also known as the ‘ghost shark,’ has been spotted for the first time on camera in the northern hemisphere. Researchers using remote cameras observed the elusive specimen off the coasts of California and Hawaii. Chimaera were previously only believed to occupy parts of the Southern Hemisphere around New Caledonia until the recent findings […]

Why You Should Forgive Your Parents… and How To Do It

On the surface, forgiving your parents (or anyone for that matter) may seem insignificant but forgiving your mother or father is actually the best thing you can do for the quality of your life. Even low-grade parental blame and resentment perpetuate a cycle of emotional pain and suffering that can negatively affect your adult relationships, […]

Scientists Reverse Aging Process in Mice, Humans May Be Next

Could there finally be an end to grey hairs and wrinkles? According to an experiment carried out in California, researchers are able to reverse the aging process in mice, and trials in humans could start in 10 years. Scientists from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California made older mice more youthful by using […]

Real Journalist Warns us WWIII with Russia, China is Already Underway

“How many of us are aware that a world war has already begun? True. At present it’s a war of propaganda, of lies and distraction and of censorship by omission. That can change overnight.” ~John Pilger Australian journalist John Pilger is one of the few establishment journalists who uses the platform to uncover and promulgate truth, often […]

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