Carrot Juice Cure Cancer Within 8 Months


Ann Cameron successfully treated cancer in the fourth stadium using only carrot juice, without chemotherapy and without diet changes. She was diagnosed with colon cancer in its third stadium. After the upcoming surgery, her health condition got worse and the cancer spread to her lungs. Now the cancer was in the fourth stadium.

Doctors recommended her chemotherapy in order to prolong her life for several months but she refused and started searching for alternative methods. She found some data on how some people managed to successfully treat cancer using only carrot juice. So, she started to treat herself in her own way by drinking 2 liters of carrot juice on a daily basis. Ann did not change anything in her daily diet. After two months, it was established that Ann’s tumors stopped growing and lymph nodes were reduced as well.

The next medical was conducted after 3 months and it showed that there are not new tumors or swollen lymph nodes. Another great thing was that they were reduced. The next, last, medical was done after another 3 months. This time she found that she was tumor-free and her lymph nodes were back to normal. After 8-month carrot juice therapy, the cancer was completely gone. She told her experience to many mediums thus help many people who had the same struggles.