Car Repair Shops Will Hate You For Learning Cheap Method To Removing Scratches At Home

With all of the things already on your to-do list, keeping your car clean often gets forgotten. Unless you are passionate about cars or are a collector of vintage rides, you might not be the type of person willing to spend a Saturday afternoon in your garage. And how can we blame you! With so little precious time off these days, we need to relax when we can.

But if that scratch in your car’s paint job is bothering you more than you’d like to admit, you can fix it yourself – without spending hundreds of dollars at an auto-body paint shop or with expensive tools/equipment.

With a simple, household item you can buy at most grocery stores and places like Lowes or Home Depot, you’ll be removing scratches in your car’s exterior in minutes. Just grab your WD-40 and get to work. Here’s how you can remove these car scratches in minutes.

Not only does this household hack save you money, but it also gives you back your free time. Instead of putting an afternoon or more of work into your car, with just a few minutes, you’ll have your exterior shining again – just like you want.

In the clip below from Crazy Russian Hacker, you’ll learn how to fix your scratched up car without having to notify your insurance company or hire a painter.

As you’ll see the car in the video has been scratched – perhaps he accidentally drove into a pole.

He sprays WD40 all over the scratched area – then grabs a paper towel and wipes off the area. Almost immediately it works. Some scratches are visible, but most of the noticeable damage has been removed.

Did you know that WD40 was developed by Norm Larsen in 1953? Before then people didn’t have this wonderful item to fix rusty hinges and your car’s exterior. While you might think the letters stood for someone’s name, it actually means Water Displacement. And why the forty? Because it was the 40th formula before Larsen found success.

Originally designed to repel water, WD40 has found numerous uses besides that over the years. Including this one today.

The clip has been viewed almost 19 million times and thousands have tried it. Here are some responses about the tip below:

“This is what you do on the way to the car dealer for the trade -in.”

“that’s one way to conceal the scratch you made on your dad’s car. lol (laugh out loud)”

Other people were not as impressed:

“All you did was remove the clear-coat and some paint. Now wash the WD 40 off and touch it up the right way with primer, matched color paint & re-apply clear coat like it should have been done in the first place. There are not short cuts to this kind of repair.”

“Paper towel will leave more microscopic scratches again. Best to use a microfiber cloth which doesnt leave scratches and only cost a few dollars”

Will you try WD40 to fix your scratched car? Tell us in the comments!