Cannabis Cigarettes To Hit Swiss Supermarkets

The Swiss won’t have to worry about rolling their own joints anymore, as a small local tobacco maker is now offering cigarettes they claim contain just the right amount of cannabinoid to be beneficial.

“The world’s first tobacco-and-hemp cigarette comes from Eastern Switzerland,”reads the website of an independent company called Koch & Gsell, reassuring those in doubt that, “yes, of course it’s legal.”

“The natural tobacco-and-hemp blend develops a bouquet of mild, sweet and spicy aromas when smoked, exuding the unmistakable scent of cannabis,” reads a statement from the company, which is based in the canton of St. Gallen in northeast Switzerland.

While the cigarettes contain a legally permissible amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the cannabis compound responsible for creating a high, they also have “an extremely high proportion of cannabidiol (CBD), a substance attributed with a range of different positive effects.” CBD is believed to help relieve pain, anxiety and various other conditions.

Anyone can already buy a pack of the new Heimat cigarettes for 19.90 Swiss francs ($20) at kiosks, or order them on the company’s website. They will also be available in the supermarkets of one of the country’s largest retail chains, the Coop, starting from July 24.

Apparently the Heimat cigarettes have proven so popular with the Swiss that the company has barely been able to handle all the orders, Wera Aegerter said, as Bluewin reports.

The Coop is confident that there will be a high demand for the cigarettes, since “hemp products are trendy.” The retail chain is already selling hemp tea and hemp beer, as well as hemp spreads and oil.

With plans underway in Switzerland to decriminalize the consumption and production of cannabis for personal use, it’s no longer a criminal offense to carry ten grams of cannabis or less, which is now only punishable by a 100-franc fine.

Although it will be possible to smoke the hemp cigarettes anywhere smoking is permitted, the company still warns consumers not to bring these abroad if they want to avoid criminal proceedings.

While the company claims to be a pioneer in the mass production of tobacco and hemp cigarettes, several US manufacturers in states that have legalized weed offer pre-rolled joints containing cannabis only.