Cannabis and Spirituality: A Smoking Exercise To Do At Home Or In Nature

Everyone explores Consciousness and Reality in their own way. For those who like to use Cannabis to expand their consciousness, this is an article you will probably find interesting.If you’re a usual smoker, then I’m sure you probably already know that Cannabis works by intention. You need to consciously decide what effect you want it to have before you smoke, otherwise your subconscious will choose for you. If you want to have it increase your appetite, that is what it will do. If you smoke a joint before a hike because you want to make the hike more enjoyable, that is what it will do. If you smoke it because you want to ease your pain, relax and/or de-stress yourself, it will help you do that aswell. Obviously other factors come into play like quality of the bud, how much you ingest, the type of strain you’re ingesting, how you’re ingesting it, etc. But, for the most part, Cannabis strains tend to work the same way when it comes to meditation. As with many things in life, it’s all about the intention you put behind it.

Another wonder of Cannabis is that it can improve the “energy body”, not just the physical one. It expands your Consciousness! This is why it has always been considered a ‘sacred herb’. It was also mentioned in Vedic Literature dating back as far a 7000 years, the chakras are simply the energy portals of the physical and energetic bodies. Technically, the term “chakra” means “wheel”, a term meant to denote the spinning, circular aspects of these energy portals. Chakras are typically described as being 7 in number running along the line of the backbone, from the top of the head to the base of the spine. You can readily feel the reality of these by noticing those areas of concentrated feeling in the body, such as the area of the throat, heart and stomach. Notice also how these can tighten up or at least change in feeling when another person walks in the same room.

This fact is not merely psychological, it is the actual psychic effect of one person to another, as facilitated by chakra to chakra subatomic energy streams. How we feel at any moment effects those around us in intimate ways.When we smoke Cannabis, there is a strong tendency for the chakras to open wider. This happens in part because the high attracts a flow of incoming subatomic particles, (chi) into our systems. The chakras open to better accommodate this flow. They also open wider, (literally to a larger diameter, from the usual 4 or 5 inches across, to twice or more that amount) because of the high vibration of this herb. High vibrations, (feelings) make us feel looser and more amiable to others, whereas lower vibrations make us more withdrawn and suspicious of others. Smoking Cannabis literally improves the psychic connection from one person to the next, and this fact is what underlies the meaning of such terms as, “contact high”. Because of Cannabis’s tendency to both open chakras and raise the users’ vibration, it increases psychic power and connectivity as explained above. In so doing it helps to place us in better rapport with our own soul, with nature and that which is called “God” a.k.a. Universal Consciousness.

What to do:

Focus on the feelings in your heart after a puff. Notice in subtle detail how these are influenced by other people moment to moment in accord with their state of consciousness. Notice also how your own state of consciousness effects their mood and even thought patterns without ever having to say a word. While focusing on the heart, try INTENDING an expansion of those feelings by one inch in diameter, (as an example). Just imagine in terms of feeling what this would be like, and just “expand your feelings” there. Accomplishing this is effectively expanding a chakra at will, and that can of course be done with any of these energy portals. This exercise is known as “expansion”.

Start by focusing on the top of the head, (seventh chakra) or the heart area, (forth chakra) and feel the high there after taking a puff. The high makes us literally more resonant with the natural vibrations of our own soul or seat of consciousness. Just observe what intuitive messages appear in the mind while so focused. INTEND a greater alignment of your mind with the consciousness of your soul. Do this by degrees if you like, just as with the other “What to do” focuses above. INTEND that this increased connection be made permanent. Doing this is implicitly a consciousness expanding meditation, and is known as “right alignment”.

The high also puts us in better psychic rapport with nature and God. While smoking in natural setting, INTEND that your psychic alignment with the trees, animals and other plants be made stronger. When this is done with enough sensitivity, a definite and unmistakable alignment with a whole region of the Earth can occur. The smoker will feel an empathy toward all living things, and very often, strong “rushes” of high feeling originating from the natural area occur. This is an alignment with Earth consciousness, or what the WMS literature calls, “the Earth Mind”. Try intending that your high be transmitted to the surrounding area just as you would send love and affection to a friend. Intend that the surrounding area reciprocate back to you it’s best feelings. Work with that connection using various benevolent intentions and observe the amazing results.

The same may be said in the potential enhanced rapport with that which is called “God” It can be directly observed that “God” is in fact made of that same essence, (consciousness) as ourselves and nature. “God”, “nature” and ‘soul” are all made of the same three elements of consciousness; INTENT, AWARENESS and ENERGY. This fact encapsulates high cosmic wisdom, and I recommend pondering and meditating upon it at length.


Written by Journalist, Activist and Researcher Lara Starr