Canadian Militia Vows To Protect Borders From Illegal Americans


A Canadian militia seems to have taken Donald Trump’s victory very seriously fearing hundreds of thousands of illegal Americans could try to cross the border.

The Permanent Active Militia (PAM) is a country-wide association which is believed to have approximately 4,500 members across the country with its headquarters in Huntington, Ontario, near the Minnesota border.

“ This ain’t no Mexico border. Illegals will face snow and deadly cold temperatures, not withstanding dangerous predator attacks from bears, cougars and wolves. If you’re an American crossing the border illegally, your chances of survival are pretty slim ”

– John C. McCaullagh, Militia leader

“Killing illegal citizens is a crime in Canada and we don’t openly encourage violence within our organization, but we can’t prevent members from shooting a few rounds at them just to scare them away. If you accidentally get hit in the knee or in the leg, without medical assistance, you’re a dead man within 2 or 3 days” he warns.

“Better alive in the US than dead in Canada. It just ain’t worth the gamble” he adds.


Militia leader, John C. McCaullagh, says illegal Americans attempting to cross the border will face deadly cold temperatures and dangerous predators

A Canadian wall

The idea of building a wall to protect the Canada-United States border is also a popular subject within militia members.

“The United States under Obama has gone weak. Those pussy Democrats, they love those illegals, that’s who votes for them. Weak US-Mexico borders means tons of Mexicans are trying to reach Canada illegally also, that’s why we’re here to protect those borders” explains a high-ranking member of PAM, who wishes to stay anonymous.

“We’d love to have a wall like Israel has with Palestine. Israel is 20 years ahead in the game” he explains. “Steel reinforced walls, those would be the best to keep the rats out” he adds, laughingly.

Rapists, criminals and liberals

Militia members are mostly afraid that rapists, criminals, but also surprisingly, liberals, could cross the Canada-United States borders, endangering their families, jobs and way of life.

“It’s not just the rapists and the criminals, it’s also the liberals” explains Jerry Masborough, a 40-year-old militia veteran. “Those liberals, we don’t want anything to do with them. They will make our people weak, we don’t want none of them sissies corrupting our youth. We already got a wuss for a Prime Minister, we don’t need none of them Islam-loving, queer-embracing commies in our own country” he comments. “They can all burn in Hell for all I care” he adds.

Former Conservative Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Christopher A. Alexander, had also proposed the idea of a Canada-US border wall in 2013 and in 2014, receiving massive Parliament support before the Conservative Party was defeated during the 2015 election.