California Is Home To Alternative Treatment – How It All Started

Alternative treatment, also known as holistic health, is quickly becoming the go-to health care method for numerous people in the US and rightly so. The ever-rising cost of conventional health care especially drug prices and the distrust of the pharmaceutical companies are among the reasons why alternative health care is on the rise. However, the most significant reason lies in the efficacy of alternative treatment to address the root causes of illnesses rather than just the symptoms. This thus enables individuals to have optimal health (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual).

Of states in the US, California has strategically positioned itself as one of the leading states with regard to the use of alternative treatment and this can be ascribed to the huge diversity of its populace, the high level of education of its citizenry, and remarkably the legislative changes that have accommodated the growth of alternative treatment. We would be looking at how California became the home of alternative treatment and factors that allowed it to thrive.

Historical Edge

As culture mixed and globalization increased it became possible for people to access other people’s cultures. The diversity of California made it even easier for these forms of treatment to come into the US, and California was the first main contact point with these traditional methods thus giving the state an edge over others. Traditional medicine penetrated California when the first sets of Chinese immigrants entered California during the Spanish rule in the early 15th century.

Historically, the first national conference on alternative treatment was held in 1975 in California. The impact of a conference of this magnitude could not have gone unnoticed as it prepared the state to be more receptive to alternative treatment therapy and in fact be a leader among other states in the US. Historically, traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda(ancient medical tradition of India) are the practices that evolved over the years into alternative treatment.

A unique point to note about alternative treatment is that it can be specifically customized to bring healing to the specific needs of individuals. As alternative treatment keeps growing in California, there are new treatments being introduced to facilitate the overall well-being of patients. One such treatment is medical marijuana therapy which involves the use of cannabis to aid patients with insomnia, anxiety and chronic pain.

Legislative Advantage

California is one of the ten states that have legalized the use of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes. This in itself is a favorable indicator as to why alternative treatment has grown is because access to medical marijuana is easy. It produces the right effect when used by medical professionals to ease the pain of patients. Thus, creating a huge demand for it. To be able to access medical marijuana therapy you need to have a marijuana card.

To get this card you need to register with a physician who is approved by the state regulatory board, he/she confirm an illness that needs medical marijuana treatment, enter your details into the marijuana use registry, and you’d be scheduled to come pick up your card. Seem like a long process? No worries, you can get a California medical marijuana card online with ease saving you time.

A cogent reason California has put itself in the forefront of alternative treatment and medical cannabis therapy is the favorable laws that make it possible for the industry to excel. As stated earlier marijuana is legal across the board, this makes it possible for pharmaceutical companies, investors to enter the market as they don’t have to contend with laws of trading within the state.

California’s law on alternative treatment regulation also approves of it as can be seen in 2234.1 that once there is informed consent, a need for its usage medically exists, then the physicians are licensed to go ahead. This authorization by the authorities would aid research and scientific advancement in alternative treatment thereby ensuring that the latest innovation is found in California.

Social Acceptance

From a social standpoint, since the opium epidemic, there has been a rethink of whether the consequences of opium do not surpass its benefits. With an alarming addiction rate, and statistics showing that 47,000 people were killed through overdose in 2017, and currently reports show that 900 people die weekly from its overdose. This reality has tilted the opinion of the society to look for a more reliable option to opium and that is medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana is safe and effective and leaves little room for addiction as it is mostly used in food to neutralize dependency. Medical marijuana is an integral part of alternative treatment as it is used to treat Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, Crohn’s disease, glaucoma among other illnesses, who else is better positioned to benefit from this than a state whose laws are favorable and has good social acceptance, California!

It Can Only Get Better

The current healthcare spending plan in California’s budget is a whopping $26.4 billion which saw an 18% increase from the previous year. The government is working to find palliative measures to cut these figures by trying to force the federal government to allow state government set prices. With this ongoing debate, the possibilities for alternative treatment are at an all-time high in California. Alternative treatment which is a lifestyle that addresses root causes rather than symptoms looks like the realistic way going forward.


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