Buzz Aldrin Warns We Are All In Danger – It’s Evil Itself


According to Buzz Aldrin, “we are all in danger. It is evil itself,” in a post to twitter he made this week. The bizarre warning was followed by a picture of a pyramid located at the South Pole.

Just days after the U.S astronaut became mysteriously ill while in Antarctica, thus causing for his evacuation to New Zealand for emergency treatment.

Reports made by indicate that Buzz seemed to be referring to a strange, pyramid shaped object that can be seen on a photo taken by Google Earth.


The pyramid is “located not far from the United Kingdom’s ‘Princess Elisabeth Station’ that is at the South Pole. You can see for yourself in this photo:


The astronaut’s twitter post was removed not long after it had been posted, however, there were a few people who were able to take screenshots.

The strange post comes just weeks after John Kerry reportedly traveled to the South Pole on election day. Many people questioned the exact reason that Kerry had decided to make the trip, but the alleged reasoning was so that he could learn more regarding climate change. The trip made Kerry the highest ranking government official to ever set foot at the South Pole, which is yet another unusual hallmark of his trip.

What purpose could there be in a visit to the South Pole by a top American diplomat?


Could it be that the trip actually had nothing to do with climate change at all? With the strange tweet from a highly-renowned former astronaut, and then it’s sudden and even stranger deletion, could there be something that we are missing? What exactly did Buzz Aldrin mean by “Evil itself?” ? When a trusted former astronaut tells an entire nation that they are in danger, should we take heed? Whatever the case may be, everything points to something much deeper than we are being lead to believe, and it may be time for us to begin questioning what exactly is at the South Pole.