Buy Android Installs To Get The Best Positions In The Search

Buy android installs to get the best positions in the search

Each app developer tries to create the best application possible to meet customer demands and make his or her products popular worldwide. However, app creation is 33% of all the affords one makes to get the desired results. 33% stands for product support and regular updates. Finally, 33 percent completely depend on marketing and pushing the application up the ranks.

You do not get first clients from anywhere, you need to buy installs

The harsh reality is that thousands of new applications get published at Google Play, but most of them do not even get into index. Do get there, you need any source of traffic that shows a tendency for the algorithm: this Android application is good and some people can use it.

Order direct incentive installs or buy some incentive display traffic from any CPA network you trust. By the way, Google Ads is one of the most well-known platforms of this kind.

If your description and title contain keywords your application should rank for, after the first 200-300 installs you will get the Android application into index by some of the less competitive. Otherwise, you better rewrite these texts.

When in index, buy keywords installs for your android app

Once you are indexed by the keywords it is better to pick the most relevant of them and buy incentive downloads to rank up from some 200th to 20th, where you will finally get organic traffic. An average promotion campaign to the 20th position will take from 5 days to 1,5 week. Promotion to the higher ranks will require more downloads and time.

Does your application already have the keywords you can promote it by? Check it at platform. Learn your and competitors’ positions before you buy android installs for your application.