Business Account Online

Every e-merchant in the EU needs its own business account for successful online operating. E-commerce is widely spreading and many customers prefer to purchase everything from home without going to the shop. That means that the owner of the company has to think about online payments and other transactions, as well as about their security and protection of sensitive data. Open a business account with Genome to solve all these issues securely and swiftly.

Why business account is useful?

Genome belongs to the group of modern electronic institutions that are widely used instead of ordinary banks. The company provides a business account with all its needed tools online. Transfer money, exchange them, and make other transactions safely daily here thanks to the following benefits:

Opening of multiple IBANs The registration opening IBAN account procedure takes only minutes and provides you with a range of accounts in EUR, USD, GBP.

Favorable rates for currency exchange

The exchange occurs swiftly with a 1% fee. All the prices are affordable and transparent.

Useful templates

You can send money from your business account, make transfers, and make online payments. Furthermore, you can create special templates for them in the case of further repetition.

Shared access

Open a business account to share it with partners and employees. There are different access levels and restrictions, so anyone will have their role.

Account analytics

You can receive statements and transaction reports from your business account as well as in-depth analytics.

Real-time notifications

If you desire to control company revenues and transactions in one place, the Genome account is the best option as you can turn on notifications and reach the account via the app on any device.

How to open a business account? If you would like to open a Account, just do the following:

1. Sign up to the system and select business eWallet opening.

2. Click on the Verification button.

3. Provide the needed data about the business and ownership.

After the verification, your eWallet will be created instantly. Transfer money, make online payments, enjoy multi-currency options! The first account is created in euro, and then you can add five more in other currencies without further verification.

Together with Genome, your everyday financial activities are going to become easy and swift. Moreover, the system is reliable and trustworthy, because it provides all the necessary tools for data security. Thus, you and your customers will be totally satisfied.