Broke College Students Proved They’re The Smartest People

DIY projects can save you a lot of money, and this list of thrifty solutions to everyday problems is a perfect example! Whether you’re a college student or just trying to cut back on expenses, this list will inspire you to think outside the box. Have you ever  solved a problem in an ingenious DIY way? Share your pictures below, or vote on your favorite!

 Blizzard + Ingenuity = Win

So My Son Fixed Our Shower

I Found The Other Phone Speakers Lacking Something, So I Made This

 My Friends Went To College

Sorry, We Do Not Have A Microwave Available To Guests

 Left Side Mirror Broken Off? No Problem

 Quick And Easy Way To Make Noodles For All You College Students

 Went To Visit My Son In College. This Is His Porch Furniture

I’m Not Buying Socks For Another 5 Years

 DIY Genius

 I’m A Practical Grill

 Bachelor Level: Engineer

Couch Fix

 As A Uni Student With No Money, I Give You My New Cups

 I May Have Crossed The Line Between Lifehack And Lazy

 You Might Be A Redneck If…

 Intuition Level: Broke College Students

 Living Situation: Broke College Student

The College Student Struggle Is Real

Cooking Eggs In The Coffee Pot

You Might Be A Redneck, If…

Didn’t Have Candles, Had Matches Tho

 College In A Nutshell

When One Is Without A Dustpan, A Modified Pizza Box Will Work Fine

 My Neighbors Are Testing A New Cash Flow Alternative

 My Razor Broke About 5 Days Ago