British Store Releases Xmas Ad and The Internet Just Exploded

John Lewis is at it again this year with not just a memorable Christmas advert that makes us feel warm and fuzzy but one that will squeeze a few tears out of you.

The advert is titled the “Man On The Moon” and it tells a magical tale that not only makes you feel amazing inside but also conveys a very powerful message.

Aurora’s cover of the Oasis song “Half The World Away” plays as we see the story unfold of a girl named Lily and the Man On The Moon.

The story starts with Lily looking through her telescope into the night sky.


She focuses in on an old man who lives on the moon.


Lily spots the Man On The Moon and tries desperately to get ahold of him with paper planes and letters addressed to him but none work.

Then we see a magical package arrive for the Man On The Moon and the rest you need to watch to find out! Watch the video below: