British Pedophiles To Be Castrated In Pedogate Crackdown

The UK is rolling out drastic new measures in the fight against the global pedophile epidemic by using chemical castration on pedophiles to eliminate their sexual urges.

High-security prisons that house Britain’s worst pedophiles, including Ian Huntley and Levi Bellfield, have already begun a program to castrate prisoners in an attempt to eradicate the problem.

The program’s creator, professor Don Grubin said in a statement:

“Their level of sexual arousal is so high they find it difficult to engage in psychological treatment programs.”

“In others their level of arousal may be the cause of them getting themselves in trouble in the ­prison.”Chemical castration has the same effect as surgical castration but it doesn’t remove any organs.

The aim of the procedure is to reduce the sex drive in male sex offenders, without completely remove them.

The first prison to pilot the scheme was Nottinghamshire’s HMP Whatton and 92 of the sex offenders housed there have been castrated using this treatment.

The Offender Personality Disorder pathway program has now been rolled out to five other prisons including HMP Hull and HMP Isle of Wight.Prof Grubin added: “The ­principle is to enable sex ­offenders to better manage their sexual arousal and behavior.”

“It is run on medical grounds and not as risk management – although the reduction in risk is typically a beneficial side effect.”

“Our main aim is to completely eradicate the pedophile epidemic by testing it on prisoners first and then roll it out on a much larger scale”

“Hopefully we can create a safer world for our children.”