British Man Films Moment North Korean Missile Flies Over His Home

‘North Korea fired a missile and woke up half of north Japan’, and British vlogger Chris Broad was there to tell the tale from 50km away from the missile flight path.

The comically nonchalant Youtuber admitted that when he was woken by sirens at 6am in Aomori, northern Japan, he ‘thought the world was ending’.

In the video, you can hear an announcement warning people to ‘take cover in a reinforced building’, while the bleary-eyed Brit gave a surprisingly chilled narration of the emergency procedure.

Speaking to UNILAD, Chris said:

For a few moments after I woke up, I thought the world was ending. Next to my head the phone was going berserk with an emergency alarm ringing loudly, and outside I could hear a siren although I had trouble making it out at first.

After a few moments I heard the words ‘North Korea’ and realised it was likely some kind of missile launch, and I wondered if it was just another standard test, or a genuine attack on Japan – as unlikely as it would be.

It was eerie looking out the window and hearing dogs barking over the sirens, and yet everything looked so quiet, which only added to the tension.

As I’m a vlogger by trade I quickly realized it made sense to show people what was going on; I’d never seen anything like this – I didn’t even know such early warning systems existed to be honest.

North Korea’s overflight missile test into Japanese territory was illegal and provocative.

Pyongyang has been ordered by the UN to cease all nuclear programs, but the communist country has responded that it was a first step in military action in the Pacific to ‘contain’ the US territory of Guam.

If only these leaders would put their intercontinental ballistic dicks away.