Breathtaking Architectural Concept For A Cliff-side Retreat In Iceland

By day, designer Alex Hogrefe brings to life the work of architects through illustration. But in his spare time, he creates incredible architectural visualizations of fantastical architecture concepts. Set on the fictional cliffs of Iceland, his new, breathtaking cliff retreat takes his work to another level.

And while it’s not the first time we’ve seen a concept for a cliffside oasis, Hogrefe’s architectural visualizations have an unparalleled realism. Carved deep into a cliff, the designer scoured the internet for 50 images of Iceland’s landscape in order to create the final, sweeping view of his retreat. Lucky readers of his blog have an insider’s look at how his concept architecture takes form, stage by stage.

Hogrefe uses his Photoshop skills to build shockingly lifelike interiors and exteriors, building up levels of detail. For his cliff house interiors, he decided on black and white imagery in order to highlight light and shadow. In contrast to the moody exterior shot, the fictive interiors are filled with light from the enormous picture windows.

Scroll down for more images of Hogrefe’s Icelandic retreat, which is one architectural concept we’d love to see come to fruition.