Breathtaking Abandoned Places In The World

Aside from the fact   virtually every single one of the pictures is absolutely stunning, and looks like a CGI effect out of a movie, it caught my eye for all the Jersey folks out there. Being born and raised in Jersey, there were many, many, many skipped days of school that ended up at Seaside Heights. The JetStar (above), which also went by the name The Mouse at one point (I probably just dated myself) was one of the most terrifying roller coasters you could imagine, because it was older than God, creaked like crazy, and you’d FLY out over the ocean praying to make it to the end of the ride alive…

Heartbreaking to see #3 in the ocean like that after Hurricane Sandy. So many memories. For anyone not from Jersey, the other 41 pictures are nothing short of masterful. Enjoy!

1 : A tree growing through a piano

2 : Overgrown palace – Poland

Was used as a home for Polish royalty until the country came under communist rule and it was turned into an agricultural school and also a home for mentally handicapped adults and children 

3 : Jet star seas side roller-coaster – New Jersey

After super storm Sandy in 2013, the Jet Star roller-coaster was left submerged until it was plucked from the sea after six months in the water

4 : Creepy abandoned house in the woods

5 : Church in St. Etienne, France

6 : Another abandoned church in Netherlands

7 : Doll factory spain

8 : Tree growing around a bicycle

9 : Bermuda triangle shipwrecks

10 : Floating forest – Sydney Australia

11 : Church steeple peeking out of a frozen lake, Reschen, Italy

An artificial reservoir which submerged several villages and this 14th century church when it was created

12 : Pismo beach , California – Stairways to nowhere

Once they gave access to the beach from an upper boardwalk, but they were abandoned, left to rot away over the years

13 : Bare footprints in an abandoned nuclear reactor

14 : Church in the snow – Canada

15 : Abandoned house in Virginia

16 : Victorian tree house in Florida – USA

17 : Venice – Italy

18 : Abandoned theater

19 : An abandoned water park

20 : Flooded mall

21 : Chemin de fer de Petite Ceinture, France

The ”little belt railway” was a circular railway system used to supply Paris fortifications, but when the city outgrew its defenses in 1934, the tracks were abandoned

22 : Nara dreamland – Japan

After Tokyo Disneyland opened and was a huge success, the Nara Dreamland Theme Park was built, with attractions pretty much identical to those at Tokyo Disneyland, but after suffering low visitor numbers, Nara Dreamland closed the gates in 2006

23 : Glenwood power station – New York


Build in 1906 and closed in 1968 after becoming obsolete, the Glenwood power station in New York has been used since then as a backdrop for various movies in the categories of thrillers and zombies

24 : Hospital bed – Chernobyl Ukraine

In 1986, the city of Chernobyl in the Ukraine was totally abandoned after the nearby nuclear disaster spilled radiation in the area, and the city will remain this way for thousands of years to come, leaving Nature to rule in the empty streets

25 : Boathouse, Obersee Lake, Germany

26 : Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Vallejo, California

Used as a submarine port during both world wars, the abandoned structure has since become water flooded the building and created this amazing mirror image effect

27 : The titanic wreck


What was once considered the greatest ship in the world is now a wreck on the ocean bottom, discovered 73 years after the Titanic took her first and final voyage in April 1912, with the 1,500 passengers she kept aboard as companions, ghosts on this decaying wreck

28 : Abandoned Jetty

29 : Library – Russia

30 : Car graveyard, Ardennes, Belgium

During world war 2 many American soldiers bought cars in the western front for personal use. when the war ended , most of the cars were abandoned because shipping them to the USA was too expensive

31 : Forgotten Bugattis

32 : Poveglia island – Italy

During napoleon rule this place was the dumping ground for plague victims and later an asylum for the mentally ill

33 : Chris McCandless’ magic bus, Stampede Trail, Alaska

Bus 142 who was left by the workers who build the railway at Stampede Trail , Christopher McCandless  was an american hitchhiker whose story was told in the movie ” Into the wild ” lived and died in that

34 : Soviet naval testing station – Russia

35 : Island home – Finland

36 : Abandoned bumper cars – chernobyl – Ukraine

37 : Methodist church – Gary , Indiana

The city was founded in 1905 right in the boom of the US steel , there were more than 200,000 people who worked there in the 50′s , when the manufacturing sector declined almost half the city was abandoned

38 : Movie theatre in Detroit Michigan

With Detroit’s decline, many of its historic buildings have fallen into disuse. This movie theater is both a fascinating and sad example.

39 : Abandoned hallway

40 : Blue spiral staircase in a European castle

41 : Spreepark , Berlin , Germany

Until the wall fell this was the only amusement park in East Berlin , since than bigger and better parks opened and this one closed its gates in 2001

41 : Abandoned mining track – Taiwan


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