Brave Filipino Soldier Asks To Bomb His Location and Kill Maute Rebels Who Cornered Him

He was already cornered by the said rebels, and asked his commander to bomb his location to kill enemies around him.

A couple of weeks have passed after the start of the Marawi siege, and many Filipinos are still grieving for the lives lost. Soldiers and civilians alike have suffered massively, and a few deaths has sent the entire nation into mourning. The latest bravery of a soldier has touched many Filipinos, and his story is something that needs to be told and shared.

24-year-old Private First Class (PFC) Dhan Ryan Bayot was dispatched to a detachment at Barangay Lilod along with 8 other soldiers from the 51st Infantry Battalion. They were supposedly sent there upon the request of the mayor whose house was in close proximity of the area.

To their shock, they were immediately attacked as soon as they reached the area. Gunfire came from everywhere, including the mayor’s house. It wasn’t clear if the house was already taken over by the rebel group, or that the mayor’s bodyguards have turned to aid the rebels.

Almost immediately after the attack, five of Bayot’s companions died of gunshot wounds, while three of the men were able to escape during the chaos—leaving Bayot alone to fight alone. The three soldier escapees were shot down by the rebels just the same, killing one and wounding the other two.

Though Bayot tried to ask for assistance, it was hard for reinforcement to get through the enemies’ blockade. Bayot knew there was no way out—he was going to die there.

A Facebook page called ‘Sa Ngalan ng Gobyerno’ shared Bayot’s story: “This time, sensing that death was more imminent than being rescued, he then gave his coordinates, and requested his commander to bomb his location so the enemies surrounding him will get hit too.”

“Bombahin na lang ninyo ang location ko Sir!” [Just bomb my location Sir!]” Were the last words they’ve heard from him.

His body was later retrieved by a team that also included his own father, Sgt. Larry Bayot of the Division Reconnaissance Company of the 1st Infantry Division. According to the elder Bayot, his son suffered no fatal wound, but his face was badly deformed, with a deep bolo cut around his neck. It was believed that the group of rebels tried to behead Bayot once he ran out of ammunition.

His dead body and of six of his comrades was retrieved on May 28—four days after they were killed. Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte gave Bayot’s father the posthumous medal for his son, P250 thousand cash, and a pledge to fund for any young surviving family member’s education.