Boy’s Body Has Strange Ability That Has Top Doctors Scratching Their Head

A five-year-old Bosnian boy has had his wildest dreams come true. He seems to have the same superpower as X-Men super villain Magneto – metal objects stick to him like he is a magnet.

In the tiny village of Malešići near Gracanica in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the little boy Erman Delic is a walking miracle. Despite being completely health, as doctors describe, the boy is a walking “human magnet.”

Watch the bizarre video below to see how metal spoons and coins stick to the boy’s collarbone and chest like he is magnetic!

In the footage below, watch as Erman’s brother sticks metal cutlery and coins to his little brother’s chest.

Although he might be the only human endowed with similar superpowers, he doesn’t seem to be happy. He has a huge frown on his face and doesn’t appear liking the fact that he is a walking ‘freak’ like all the X-Men in the movies.

Nevertheless, the strange clip went viral in a matter of days and has collected thousands of views of the cute little Erman.

Watch the clip now to see three spoons, a fork, and 13 coins stick to the young boy’s upper chest. There are also more on his back. And these metal objects all appear to be stuck like they are glued on, but the brother shows it to prove to the audience that there isn’t glue on the back of each spoon.

The little boy discovered his rare talent while watching a television show.

At first his family was terrified. They knew it wasn’t normal and they sought medical health to make sure nothing was wrong with him. After a complete checkup, the doctors gave Erman the all-clear. He is as healthy as any young boy.

If there is anything that can make this story weirder, it is that Erman is not alone in his magical gifts. A 9-year-old boy from Turkey, Mehmet Sumbul, also has these human magnet powers.

A similar video shows Mehmet having metal objects stuck to his body too.

According to Croatian news site 24 Sata, Mehmet said, “People think I’m a freak. When I’m angry, my magnetic field becomes stronger.”

Scientists don’t think these children have special magnetic abilities. Instead, they think they just have sticky skin. Are they wrong?

What do you believe? Is this young Bosnian boy magnetic or endowed with special powers?

Here’s what readers on the DailyMail had to say:

“These people are just leaning back slightly and putting spoons on their sweaty sticky chests.”

“It’s called the coefficient of friction, which is the ratio between the force necessary to move one surface horizontally over another and the pressure between the two surfaces.”

“Cutlery & coins aren’t magnetic, so whatever it is, isn’t magnetism. Easy to prove too – a compass needle should swing and point to him when nearby. If he turns around, the needle should shift through 180 degrees.”

“Notice how everything that “stuck” to him is done on a part of his body with a downward slope? It’s a party trick not magnetism….”