Boy With ‘No Brain’ Learns How To Count Surprising Doctors and Experts

Humans have long been defined by their brain power and brain capacity. It is precisely these attributes that have helped the human race advance as a species. That is why when a boy was born with ‘no brain’ doctors and nurses did not expect him to survive.

When a boy from Cumbria was born with less than 2 percent of a brain, doctors didn’t think he would make it.

But since that diagnosis he has begun to learn how to count and is also currently attending school.

Noah Wall was born with a rare complication of spina bifida, severe hydrocephalus. This causes his head to be filled with fluid and crushed his brain down to a thin tissue around his skull.

The little boy’s parents were informed that on the slim chance that Noah did survive he would be severely mentally and physically disabled.

The parents were also offered doctor assisted suicide a total of five times but they refused every single time.

In a miraculous turn of events, more than four years after his birth, Noah can now count to 10, hold a pen and has also started to attend school.

Once he was born, Noah was rushed into a series of complicated procedures. One involved the open wound on his back, which was caused by the spina bifida, which was sewn up.

Another one involved draining the excess fluid out of his brain. Surprisingly, Noah’s brain has grown and filled out the space that was formerly taken over by the fluid.

Unfortunately the spina bifida has caused paralysis from the chest down so Noah requires a wheelchair.

Doctors are stunned at how his brain has expanded to 80 per cent of a ‘normal’ brain and his parents and older sister continue to offer exercises which they call ‘brain training.’ Noah is learning how to read and write and has undergone painful operations on his hips which will one day allow him to walk.