Born 2 Days After The Las Vegas Shooting, Baby Receives Name That’s Making Headlines

The mass shooting that occurred in Las Vegas during the Route 91 music festival at the beginning of the month was something that will never be forgotten. And while Stephen Paddock shot down on innocent people from a popular Las Vegas resort hotel, he may have killed more than 50 people and injured some 500 more, but there have still stories of survival and heroism coming out of the wake of the tragedy. And while nothing can increase morale after a mass shooting like this, at least we can hear stories about how good people did something to help people struck down during the massacre. For example, a veteran took a car and proceeded to ferry injured people from the country music festival to the nearest hospital. While a few inspirational stories of heroism have come from the tragedy, people are still trying to pull themselves up from the rubble. But Las Vegas will never be the same again.

When her due date came and went, Markie Coffer and her boyfriend, Travis Matheson, decided to go out to the Route 91 country music festival in hopes of inspiring the baby to make his descent into the world. Markie was desperate to give birth because she was already a week past her due date when she was going to the music festival and pregnancy was wearing her down – as it does for almost all women at that stage.

While Jason Aldean was playing his hits, Markie and her boyfriend suddenly heard the first round of gunfire coming from Paddock’s modified rifles. Because Matheson was a trained Army veteran, his training kicked in and he led his pregnant girlfriend and his brother to safety. With bullets flying all around them, Matheson showed how he was ready to be a father.

Matheson commanded Markie and his brother to the ground. And with the gunfire shattering lives all around them, they began to crawl across the ground to a safer place.

Despite his best efforts, Matheson’s brother, Cody, was shot. He got a bullet in his shoulder. When they reached the safer place, they made their way to the hospital to get treatment for Cody’s shoulder.

But Matheson was not only worried about his brother’s gunshot wound. He was also worried about his pregnant girlfriend and their unborn baby. He wanted her to get checked at the hospital as well although she was not visibly injured. She had gone through a lot of stress and strain.

Two days later, Markie gave birth to her beautiful baby boy. And while they were struggling to find a name for the boy for months, after the Las Vegas shooting they knew exactly what the little survivor should be called.

They named him Wyatt. It is an Old and Medieval English name that combines words which meant battle, brave and hardy. But you can think of it as strength in battle. And little Wyatt certainly displayed those traits. While Stephen Paddock, the worst mass murderer in history, was trying to kill them, he survived.