Boost Your Blood Flow & Save Your Spine With A 3 Minute Exercise Named The Goldfish


It is very important to protect your lumbar spine as it the key to our health. For that reason we recommend you a daily exercise named Goldfish which will make this part of the body stronger and will positively affect overall health.

Famous Japanese healer Kacudzo Nishi says that the reason for all diseases should be sought in the spine. He is recommended daily practice exercises “Goldfish”. This exercise strengthens the spine and has a positive influence on the health.

What is this about?

This exercise helps the nerves be on their spot and releases them from any pressure. It will help your spine become straight and will also regulate the physiological functions of all the bodily systems and organs, coordinating the work of the exterior and interior nerve system. It also delivers blood in each cell in the body, straightens the posture, boosts blood circulation, and improves the function of the entrails, liver, kidneys, skin, heart and brain.

In order to achieve optimal effects, this exercise should be done in the mornings and in the evenings starting with 1 minute, and gradually increasing to 3 minutes. The result will be visible after couple of days and your body will be thankful for that.

The exercise

Lie on your back on the floor or a flat bed, stretch your arms as much as you can and put them behind your head, your legs should be completely straightened while your feet should be at 90o angle in regards to the body with your feet toes towards your face. Your hips and heels should be touching the floor.

Before you start, make sure to stretch the whole body couple of times counting to 7, but be careful, and stretch the lumber spine in different sides: the heel of your right leg should be pulled up front and with both hands stretch on the opposite side. Do the same thing on the other side. Repeat this 5-7 times with each heel and both hands.

How to do the exercise: put your palms under your neck, bend your elbows, gather your legs with the feet toes towards you face and each part should be flattened to the floor. When you reach this position, start vibrating from right to left like a fish which swims really fast without moving your lumber spine, and moving only the neck and the feet. Do the exercise for 1-2 minutes, or count until 120-240.

This exercise will help the blood pumping through the veins much faster due the all the muscles in the body move, especially the veins in the bottom parts which pushes the blood towards the heart, boosting blood flow at the same time. At the beginning this exercise will be a bit unusual for you, but by the time you will get used to it and love it. After a short time you will feel the effects. You may check the video to see how it should be done.