Bodycam Captures Two Georgia Cops Being Shot By Thug

 This is the exact reason cops can’t hesitate or be too careful when dealing with any suspect.

Two Georgia police officers were shot last Monday during a routine traffic stop.

Bodycam video from one of the officers captured the harrowing ordeal.

Officer Jeffery Martin, 22, of the Lavonia, Georgia police force, and his captain, Michael Schulman, 50, had pulled over a vehicle and got word back from dispatch that the car was stolen.

The suspect driving the car was Khari Anthony Dashaun Gordon. Gordon had been arrested over 20 times prior to the shooting, and he was out on bond for attempted murder. Martin & Schulman were unaware of these facts.
After pulling Gordon over, officer Martin, a rookie who had only been on the force for a year, was questioning him.

Captain Schulman walked up and saw that Gordon’s hands were in his jacket pockets.

Seeing the danger, Capt. Schulman told Gordon to get his hands out of his pockets, and also asked to see what he had in them.

Gordon pulled an item out and showed it to Schulman. Gordon then put his hands back in his pockets. Captain Schulman again ordered Gordon to keep his hands where he could see them. That’s when everything went South.

In the video you can see the rookie officer looking down at something as his captain is telling Gordon to keep his hands where they can be seen. The rookie looks up just as Captain Schulman tells Gordon to keep his hands out of his pockets for the umpteenth time.

Gordon then disappears from the view of Schulman’s bodycam. He had stepped backwards and pulled a firearm.

A shot was fired.

Captain Schulman was hit under his arm. The bullet broke two of Schulman’s ribs & punctured his lung. Schulman can be heard screaming in pain, “Ahhh, ugh! SHOTS FIRED! DISPATCH, SHOTS FIRED!!”

Schulman’s backup, Officer Jeffery Martin, can be heard yelling to dispatch, “NEED ASSISTANCE, NEED ASSISTANCE, NEED ASSISTANCE!”

Schulman is then heard, yelling in unimaginable pain, “DISPATCH I’M SHOT! I CAN’T GET UP, I’M SHOT!!!”

Officer Martin then covered his captain so he could get to safety behind their cruiser.

Watch the unedited video footage from the bodycam.