Blue Dragon Shaped River In Portugal Is Going Viral In China

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Chinese legends consider the beast capable of bringing rain, surges and even cyclones in an area. The mythical beast symbolizes force, quality and good fortunes.

When the Chinese netizens found the images of Blue dragon shaped river in Portugal, they believe that the beast-shaped river will bring success and fortunes to the place. Have a look at those pictures.

1) Symbol of fortune and success!

Blue dragon is considered as a fabled creature of Chinese qualities and standards. Chinese mythology believes that the beast brings fortune and success. The images of dragon-shaped river were posted on Reddit by client ‘docius’ which was quickly noticed by Chinese netizens. The photo was reposted on Chinese online networking webpage Weibo. The image was clicked from a flight of Amsterdam to Marrakech on 19th August.

2) “The Blue Dragon River” is in the region of Castro Marim in Algarve, Portugal.

The river stream Odeleite is called as “The Blue Dragon River” because of its faint blue shade and awe-inspiring shape. Legends show that the serpent can inhale fire, mobilize wind and can even bring rain. The monster can fly in the fog and cover up at the ocean’s base; it can expand like a sky or shrink itself like a minor pinhead. The Blue dragon has considerable impact in Chinese history including festivities to zodiac signs and rulers.


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