Black Widow Spiders Found In Red Grapes In Local Supermarkets


Venomous black widow spiders were found in supermarket grapes at least twice this month, in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania-area chain grocery stores.

Black widows, which can be deadly, are known to build their webs in grape vineyards to catch insects. Since the 1990s, the iconic arachnids have occasionally found their way into supermarket produce, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported earlier this month when it broke the news of a black widow in a bag of grapes from a Milwaukee-area Aldi supermarket.

According to the Journal Sentinel, Yvonne Duckhorn was shopping with her 4-year-old daughter in her local Aldi’s produce section when she picked up a container of red grapes. As she examined the grapes in the container for mold, she noticed a spider moving amid the fruit.

“I saw the legs moving frantically,” Duckhorn told the Journal Sentinel. “I’ve seen bugs on fruit before, and I thought, ‘That is a very big spider.’ Nothing I’d ever seen before.”

Upon closer examination Duckhorn realized the spider had the characteristic red markings of a black widow. She took the container of grapes to store employees.

“I could tell she was a little nervous,” Duckhorn said of the woman she gave the grapes to. “I told her the spider had red on it, and to be careful.”

As a precaution, Aldi said it would pull all varieties of all grapes from its Milwaukee-area stories.


A Pennsylvania woman discovered a creepy crawly surprise while washing off the grapes she bought at a local food store.

Yvonne Whalen said she was rinsing and eating the fruit on Thursday when she found what an expert said was a dangerous black widow spider.

“The next thing I know, there was this leg coming up over a grape,” she told ABC 27.

Whalen, who is from Dillsburg, Pa., caught the venomous spider in a plastic container.

“There’s no mistaking a black widow, even in a juvenile form like this. There is just enough there that you can really tell it’s a black widow,” Ryan “The Bug Man” Bridge told the station after examining the spider.

Bridge said he hears about people finding black widows in grapes “more often than anything else.”

Black widows are toxic, and a bite is enough to send you to the hospital.

Whalen bought the grapes at a Giant Food Store, and the company said in a statement that it is “taking immediate steps to prevent a similar incident from happening in the future.”

“We will continue to diligently inspect product both at our perishable distribution center and at the store while thoroughly investigating this serious matter with our suppliers,” Giant said, according to ABC 27.