Black Man Harassed for Legally Open Carrying – Proceeds To School The Cops On His Rights


DonTrell Brown is serious about exercising his rights, and he has recently had a series of run-ins with the law as a result. Brown does not drink, smoke or use profanity, but he takes a gun with him wherever he goes, and in the state where he lives he is well within his rights to do so.

It is rare to see a person open-carrying their weapon in the state of Connecticut, but it is entirely legal, and according to the fine print of the law, a person is not required to show an officer their permit unless they are detained or were the victim of a crime. However, the police in Connecticut aren’t entirely aware of this fact, and their internal memos state that police are entitled to force any type of information that they want out of people.

Brown holds a masters degree and is well-versed in legal matters, so he knows the boundaries of the law and has no problem testing those boundaries.

In the past few months, Brown had a number of different run-ins with police, but just this week he was harassed and followed around town by officers because he was carrying his legally owned firearm. Brown was pressured by the officers to show them his permit to carry, but he refused and cited the law that he was not required to show them anything unless he was suspected of a crime. Police claim that they were responding to a call from someone who was threatened by the fact that he had a weapon, however, in an exclusive interview with The Free Thought Project, Brown said that the officers were eating at the restaurant where the first encounter took place, meaning that they had just happened to run into him, and were not responding to a call.

Since he was correct about the law, Brown was not arrested by police, however, he was denied service at the Subway restaurant, which has a no gun policy. Unfortunately, the police were not done harassing Brown but decided to follow him around town to other locations. Brown continued to stand his ground and the situation was resolved peacefully when the cops finally backed off.

The day after the encounter, the video quickly went viral and sparked controversy in the local area about whether or not a gun owner was required to show a police officer their permit if they are asked for it. Police and government employees are unanimously in agreement that people should be required to give police any information that they ask for under any circumstances, however, if this were actually the law, then people like DonTrell would quickly be arrested for not showing officers their permits.

Brown tells the Free Thought Project that it is important for people to exercise their rights, because if people don’t, then our freedom will disappear, which is why it is so important for him to open carry. He said that it is important for all gun owners to open carry, but that it was especially important for people of color, who are many times prevented from carrying or even owning firearms. He pointed out that some of the first gun laws in the country were put in place to prevent freed slaves from owning guns.

“What I did was not meant to cause any problems, just more to show people of color that people like MLK and Abraham Lincoln died for us (Black people) to have rights. So if we allow anyone just to violate them then their death’s would be in vain.  I for one am really thankful for everything they as well as others done for me to even be out of chain and shackles,” Brown said.

“I just want to be seen as an American with rights, not just a black man challenging the law,” he added.

The following videos show the encounters that Brown had this week with local police: