Black Bear Family Has The Best Summer Pool Party


The Basso family has quite a surprise as they awaken to find a Mama Bear and her five darling cubs frolicking in the welcome oasis of their backyard.  Even bears need to cool off!  They had the further bonus of all the kids play equipment; enjoying the swing set and the little slide.

We get to listen to the audio of the family’s toddler Sophie and her parents react to the bear shenanigans.  It’s really great to see the parallel of the mama bear leading her cubs and Mama Basso setting the positive tone for the ‘goings on’ as both Sophie and her dad alternate in their upset over the invasion.  Sophie wants the police to take care of the situation as she cries “They took my floatie!”

Mama Basso’s calm narration as she reframes the situation for both Sophie and Dad,  telling them, “Let the animals enjoy themselves”, is just delightful.  She is filled with wonder watching the bear family play, except when they start mangling her expensive float.  Little Sophie is pretty territorial about the invasion of her stuff, but can’t help but enjoy some of the bear family’s antics as her mom keeps spinning a positive note on this rare moment.

This video was so much fun to watch.  The ongoing commentary of the Basso family is hysterical!