Bizarre Disney UFO Movie Pulled Quickly From Public View In 1995

1995 was a year known for the Kobe, Japan earthquake, Michael Jordan’s return to the NBA, the announcement of the DVD optical disc format and the release of Toy Story, the world’s first wholly computer generated film.

UFO MOVIE BY DISNEY Back then, Disney was at the top of its game by releasing movie after movie until ultimately the Walt Disney Company carried the highest market share at the cinema. Some of the company’s releases were highly memorable such as Toy Story and Pocahontas while others remain mostly forgotten and swept under the rug.

Among those films which were swept away was a short documentary on an unlikely subject. When people think of Disney they think about Mickey Mouse, Pixar Movies and Disney World. Most would be surprised to hear about a Disney movie surrounding UFOs.

This is because Disney movies carry the themes of love and hope and happiness while UFOs carry a somber and mysterious mood. It’s understandable that the company would try to hide away this movie that’s so strikingly different from their typical releases. This lost UFO documentary was swept away by Disney but has been recently recovered in its full uncut glory.

In this film, Disney executives reveal the alien agenda. The documentary narrates various true stories about alien activity that nearly the whole world is unaware of. Interestingly, UFO paranoia began in the late 1940s and the early 1950s coinciding with the end of the Second World War. Among its many massive revelations, the movie explains that UFO activity began following the dropping of the atomic bomb on both Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The documentary reveals top-secret truths that were meant to be hidden from the public to maintain government power. The film was set to be aired on the Sunday night show “Wonderful World of Disney” in 1995, but it was quickly scratched and only aired on a small subset of networks in parts of the United States. Viewers can now share the unique opportunity to be informed of the alien agenda directly from the people who were previously highlighted. This unearthed UFO documentary is a must-watch.