Biker War Erupts In Waco, Texas, 9 Dead 18 Wounded



• 10 dead
• 24 injured (2 extremely critical)
• 2-5 bike gangs
• 200+ bikers
• 100+ guns recovered

A biker gang war has erupted in Waco, Texas.  A shootout at the Twin Peaks Restaurant in Waco, Texas has left 9 bikers dead and a further 18 wounded.  Dozens of police are now holding all the bikers there at gunpoint.  The gangs used guns, knives, chains, clubs and bats in the brawl.  Word has it that reinforcements for both sides are arriving in the area from all over the state of Texas.  The 2 gangs involved were the Bandidos MC and Cossacks MC.


Waco police confirmed that there was a shooting with “multiple fatalities” at Twin Peaks Sports Bar and Grill, in the busy Central Texas Market Place less than a half-mile from University High School. “The area is not safe,” they said. 
According to the Daily Mail, biker reinforcements are arriving at the scene of the shooting as well as a nearby truckstop and the Waco Convention Center.  One gang set up the other.
Apparently police were involved in the gunfight.  Waco is currently being invaded by Bandidos and Cossacks.  There WILL be retaliation.