Biker Survives Rear-Ending Car By Vaulting On To Its Roof

A biker in Belarus dodged death by an inch when his speeding bike slammed right into the back of a car. The rider vaulted right over the handlebars and landed on his feet on the roof of the car he ran into, a striking dashcam video showed.

The video which looks like a movie stunt rather than a road accident, was shot on July 30 in the city of Mogilyov, but published only on Tuesday this week.

Local media in Belarus reported the incident at the time, with police commenting that the motorcyclist was “unbelievably lucky.”

The Suzuki bike was driving at the speed of about 85kph (50mph) when it hit the much slower BMW car, according to the police.

Ironically the spectacular crash was followed by another one not shown on the dashcam video. A second motorbike hit the Citroen car from which the footage was taken, just as it broke speed to avoid running over the wreckage of the first bike.

Both bikers were barely injured in the double collision, but the lucky acrobat is now in trouble, because he turned out to be unlicensed to ride.

Another dashcam video showing the scene some 30 minutes after the collisions is available on YouTube.