Big Tech Commits Medical Treason By Censoring Doctors’ Video Revealing Covid-19 CURE Being Suppressed By Big Pharma / Big Science Fraudsters

Big Tech, a massive criminal enterprise that colludes with Big Pharma to see Americans enslaved under a system of medical tyranny, has now committed an act of medical treason against all Americans.

They’ve blacklisted a powerful video of doctors presenting the solution to covid-19 that can save lives, end the pandemic and get America back to work right now.

This malicious censorship by Big Tech has reached the level of criminal treason against the United States of America. The CEOs of Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter must be arrested and charged with treason, and their corporations must be seized and shut down to prevent further acts of treason against the United States of America.

Breitbart News has the full story: (see the censored video below, via

Facebook has removed a video posted by Breitbart News earlier today, which was the top-performing Facebook post in the world Monday afternoon, of a press conference in D.C. held by the group America’s Frontline Doctors and organized and sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots. The press conference featured Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) and frontline doctors sharing their views and opinions on coronavirus and the medical response to the pandemic. YouTube (which is owned by Google) and Twitter subsequently removed footage of the press conference as well.

The video accumulated over 17 million views during the eight hours it was hosted on Facebook, with over 185,000 concurrent viewers.

The livestream had accumulated over 17 million views by the time of its censorship by Facebook.

In terms of viral velocity, the post was beating content from many other prominent accounts on Facebook today, including Hillary Clinton, Rev. Franklin Graham. and Kim Kardashian.

Over 185,000 viewers were concurrently watching the stream when it aired live Monday afternoon.

The event, hosted by the organization America’s Frontline Doctors, a group founded by Dr. Simone Gold, a board-certified physician and attorney, and made up of medical doctors that came together to address what the group calls a “massive disinformation campaign” about the coronavirus. Rep. Ralph Norman also spoke at the event.

“If Americans continue to let so-called experts and media personalities make their decisions, the great American experiment of a Constitutional Republic with Representative Democracy, will cease,” reads the event’s information page.

The event was organized and sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots.

“We’ve removed this video for sharing false information about cures and treatments for COVID-19,” a Facebook company spokesman Andy Stone told Breitbart News. The company did not specify what portion of the video it ruled to be “false information,” who it consulted to make that ruling, and on what basis it was made.

Facebook’s decision to censor the livestream was quickly followed by YouTube, the Google-owned video-sharing platform. The video had over 80,000 views on YouTube prior to its removal.

Following Facebook and YouTube’s removal of the video, Twitter followed suit, removing Breitbart News’ Periscope livestream of the press conference. Jack Dorsey’s platform also then limited the Breitbart News official account, indicating that tweets containing links to multiple stories about the press conference violate the platform’s COVID-19 policies.

… end of Breitbart story.

But thanks to Brighteon, users are now posting segments of this powerful, critical, lifesaving video. Watch one segment here:

Sharable link:

America’s Frontline Doctors shred government coronavirus narrative, exposing it as “massive disinformation campaign”

Early on, alt-media outlets like Breitbart News had streamed the event on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Periscope, only to have each of these tech giants systematically remove the video later for allegedly violating their “community standards.” 

As you will quickly notice, these doctors know what they are talking about, and are not afraid to say it. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people tuned in for the live event, and the information quickly spread like wildfire, which is why the tech cabal swept into action to censor it, followed by smear stories in the media about how these credentialed medical doctors are all “quacks.”

personally covered the segment with Dr. Stella Immanuel, who offered a powerful account of how hydroxychloroquine combined with zinc and Zithromax (azithromycin) has resulted in a 100 percent cure rate among the 350-plus patients she has cared for, and counting, since the plandemic began.

Dr. Immanuel’s testimony was fiery, direct and unequivocal as she called out the real medical frauds like Anthony Fauci and his followers, who clearly do not want to see people heal, and would rather keep everybody locked down and wearing their masks forever.

Sadly, Dr. Immanuel is now having her name and reputation trashed by the very same people who are marching around screaming that black lives and black voices matter. Far-left media outlets are comparing her to a witch doctor, for instance, and leftists everywhere are decrying her as a fake doctor, even though she truly is a frontline doctor who treats Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) patients daily — with 100 percent success.

The plandemic would be over by now if Democrats and Fauci would just get out of the way already

Because the America’s Frontline Doctors summit received so much attention so quickly, it is now nowhere to be found online, at least at any of the major tech platforms. Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter, Periscope, and Vimeo have all banned it for containing “dangerous” information about the plandemic, and on Facebook and Twitter specifically it is no longer possible to even share Natural News or Brighteon links, including the Brighteon video embedded above.

The medical deep state is hellbent on withholding the hydroxychloroquine-plus-zinc treatment option from the general public for as long as possible, all to ensure that remdesivir, in which Fauci has a direct financial stake, as well as the slew of vaccines currently in development by Bill Gates and others, are what get presented as the “cures” once they are ready for release.

It is all a scam, in other words, which was the whole point of the America’s Frontline Doctors summit. These brave practitioners who are tired of the public being hoodwinked and lied to about this plandemic want the world to know that there are solutions available right now that would allow for the economy and life in general to “reopen” as normal – but the medical deep state, including its Democrat lackeys, want nothing to do with it.

Why are Google, Facebook, Twitter so bent on censoring doctors who promote cure for COVID?

Joseph Goebbels, head of the Third Reich’s Ministry of Propaganda once said, “Let me control the media and I will turn any nation into a herd of pigs.” A handful of large corporations in the United States today control the bulk of information available to the public on the internet. Increasingly those who express unpopular opinions, diverging from the liberal mainstream’s narrative, are censored and banned.

Google, Twitter, and Facebook recently flexed their cumulative muscle by removing a July 27th press conference video by a group of board-certified physicians discussing what’s become a treatment for the coronavirus using hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) that’s become a political football since President Trump spoke favorably about it several months ago. During the eight hours the video was online at Breitbart’s website, about 16 million people viewed and shared it.

What “crime speak” did the doctors commit in the video that got them banned by the tech groups? They disagreed with the demonization of a medical protocol using hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and the z-pack to treat early onset of the coronavirus.  Within hours of the video appearing on Breitbart the three giants, who don’t appear to have any medical background, acted in concert to cancel the views of these frontline doctors, despite the fact that they have treated hundreds of patients with the virus. In view of the fact that medicine is an “art” and often involves doctors trying and developing unproven treatments, one would expect a conversation rather than a draconian crackdown. Many once-controversial treatments are now standard. Doctors of the past ridiculed by their peers, like Louis Pasteur who developed the cure for anthrax and rabies, are now revered as medical pioneers.

The liberal censorship lockstep became even more obvious as the mainstream media picked up the story and began attacking the doctors. CNN, in a clearly biased article, stated that:

The video, published by the right-wing media outlet Breitbart News, featured a group of people wearing white lab coats [my emphasis] calling themselves “America’s Frontline Doctors” staging a press conference in front of the US Supreme Court in Washington, DC.

CNN implied that these men and women were imposters at worst, snake oil salesmen at best. The liberal news outlet and their allies in the mainstream media decried the facts presented as “misleading, false, and misinformation.” They dismissed out of hand these doctors who work directly with virus patients or who have expertise in particular areas relating to COVID-19 policies. The views of reputable medical professionals deserve to be heard. The doctors stated at the outset that they want to offer good news and hope to the American people about the virus.

Pediatrician Robert Hamilton, author of 7 Secrets of the Newborn, is known as the “baby whisperer” for his “how to” method for calming crying infants. He received his medical degree and did his residency at UCLA medical school and has practiced pediatrics for over 35 years. Past president of the Los Angeles Pediatric Society, he founded Lighthouse Medical Missions, a volunteer group that organizes short-term medical missions to Africa, Asia, Central and South America – participating himself in more than two dozen. Because of his expertise and reputation, he has appeared as a guest on several TV shows including Dr. Oz and Good Morning America. He told reporters that children tolerate the virus well. Few are hospitalized and their mortality rate is very low. Children, he said, “are not the drivers of this pandemic.” In general, they are not passing it on. “We need to normalize the lives of our children,” he said. “We do that by getting them back in the classroom.”

Dr. Simone Gold, an emergency room physician and lawyer from Los Angeles with over thirty years experience, graduated from Chicago Medical school and received her law degree from Stanford. She spearheaded a letter from 600 doctors last May calling for an end to the shutdown. The letter described the shutdown as a “mass casualty” event saying that among the “casualties…hiding in plain sight” are “alcoholism, homelessness, suicide, heart attack, stroke, or kidney failure.” People are not getting treatments they need because of the fear engendered over the virus. Other doctors addressing the conference called for freedom for doctors and the public to have treatments available that are effective. One doctor said he never before saw an illness treated by telling victims to go home, shelter in place, and see if their illness got worse.

Following big tech’s censorship of the video, the attack on the doctors went into high gear. The Frontline Doctors website was immediately de-platformed. Most mainstream media reporting on the event vilified the doctors and ignored or debunked the data and studies they offered as evidence for the efficacy of the HCQ protocol. The press conference was only part of a medical conference where scientific data was presented. How many media outlets reported on the science coming from many countries showing that HCQ saves lives?

In response to the censorship, the group held a second press conference Tuesday, July 28th, calling for an end to the “paralyzing fear.” They promised they aren’t going away. Hydroxychloroquine is safe at low doses, they said, and was used successfully against SARS in 2005 which acts in a way similar to the coronavirus. Neurologist Teryn Clark from Newport Beach, CA urged people to see for themselves the safety of hydroxychloroquine by going to the CDC website’s information page for malaria and hydroxychloroquine. “The mechanism of action for this disease (COVID-19) is very similar.” Drugs, she said, are often used for off-label purposes, and there is a petition currently at the FDA to put the drug on label for the virus.

Dr. Richard Urso said he’s been trying to get the word out about the effectiveness of HCQ since January. “We can’t let our patients die without treatment and that’s the major thing that’s happened. We’ve been told to hide in our houses, wear a mask, and wait for a vaccine. That’s not a strategy. We have a strategy.” He went on to point out that studies done in other countries show the efficacy of using the drug and that one of the world’s leading virologists, French microbiologist Didier Raoult, has used hydroxychloroquine with astounding results since the beginning of the pandemic. “Hydroxychloroquine works; withholding it from patients is shameful!”

In many parts of the world, HCQ is available over the counter. It’s one of the safest drugs available and has been used for over 60 years. As Dr. Clark said, there is no shortage of the drug in the United States. In fact, there’s a stockpile of 63 million doses.

One of the most compelling messages came from child psychiatrist Mark McDonald of Los Angeles who described the increasing mental health crisis among his young patients. He’s seeing fear across the board with bed-wetting, self-mutilation, depression, anxiety even suicide. “We need a strategy to end the fear,” he said. “At this point, it’s not a medical crisis; it’s an emotional crisis. But people are so afraid, [they are] grasping at straws to find anything, anything at all that will give them a sense of peace and comfort.” He went on to offer hope saying, “We have that now…hydroxychloroquine If we can release this and get this to the American people the fear will end, our children will be safer…parents will be back to work and our country will get back on its feet. We need to do this now! Take charge of yourselves…. Don’t leave it up to the leadership, the politicians, the media, the special interest groups….Talk to your doctors, to your senators…speak out, take back your freedom, stop living in fear.”

The group advised Americans to contact their doctors and political leaders and demand that HCQ be made available for virus treatment and prophylactic prevention. It’s time to make the HCQ protocol a decision between a patient and the doctor and get big tech out of it! As for the censorship and one-sided narratives, Joseph Goebbels knew the key ingredient to controlling the masses was to convince them they were in control. “Propaganda works best,” he said, “when those who are being manipulated are confident they are acting on their own free will.”

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