Beware of The Walmart Scam That’s Surfaced. How It Works?

It looks like a new scam has surfaced and it is using Walmart as a ruse to con people out of their money.

The scam goes like this: You receive a letter in the mail like the one below, and it will include a check. The letter will state that you have been accepted into the so-called Quality Control program at Walmart. A description of your duties as a Quality Controller is then detailed.

To activate the check you need a user ID and password, which is naturally provided. After you activate your check, you are to deposit it into your bank account and can now begin the program.
But instead, here’s what happens. You deposit your check in your bank account, and the scamming party is able to actually pull money out of your account! It’s a total scam and if you receive this letter, throw it out immediately and definitely do not go through with depositing it.


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