Best Grow Tent Ventilation Kit The Key To A Successful Grow Operation

A ventilation kit is one of the important parts of a successful grow operation in a grow tent. Without ventilation it will be hard to find success and can cause a lot of frustration. Ventilation is important for a couple of reasons; keeps good CO2 (Carbon dioxide) levels in your tent for maximum plant growth and vigour, will create optimal growing environment and temperature for your plants, and finally ventilation will eliminate smells, pollutants and debris in the air.

Good ventilation for good CO2 levels

A study on has found that “Plant growth surges as CO2 levels rise”. All plants need CO2 (carbon dioxide) to live. There is about 400 ppm of CO2 in the ambient air outdoors. but inside of your grow tent the levels will drop if the air is stagnant, you need to be constantly replenishing your grow tent with fresh air. A good ventilation kit will do just that for you, but you need both an intake and outtake of air coming through your tent. Plants take in CO2 through their leaves. When all CO2 has been used that the leaves can reach growth will slow if you do not have air circulating inside of your tent.

Keeping plants cool

A grow tent is an enclosed environment with a light that creates heat. It tends to get very hot and humid inside of the grow tent, especially as your plant gets bigger. Plants start dying when your temperatures go above 90 degrees, so It’s very important to have a good ventilation system. You can use your ventilation kit in several ways. One way is that you can pull new fresh, cool air into your tent and at the same time remove old stagnant hot air. Hot air rises so you want the fan that is pulling the air out to be near the top of your tent. You can also use your ventilation kit to keep your lights cool. Heat stress is one of the biggest problems with tent grows and very important to monitor. Using a good inline fan and some ducting and your plants will never overheat.

Eliminating smell and keeping your air clean with ventilation

A ventilation kit with a CO2 filter can keep your grow tent environment discreet and free from toxins and mold. Mold is a big problem in grow tents without ventilation because damp stagnant air is where mold loves to grow. When you include a carbon filter with your ventilation kit you can effectively eliminate all smells coming from your grow tent because of the properties of the carbon filter, everything is cleaned.


A ventilation kit is not an optional accessory in your grow tent it is actually needed in order to have a successful grow. You can look at Canada Grows Indoors article on Grow tent Ventilation Kits, they break down the best top 8 kits online today. Without ventilation many things like mold, bugs and pests will begin to breed and destroy your plants. As well as, slowing plant growth down from lack of air circulation or heat stress. Definitely consider ventilation when you go to purchase a grow tent.



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